Atari Super Breakout – 1978 – Original Dedicated Arcade Review

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Here’s a review of Atari’s groundbreaking game, Super Breakout. This game was released in 1978 and features three game modes and a black and white monitor with plastic overlay to simulate color. This is a really cool game that is pretty historically significant. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, of Apple fame, worked on the original Breakout game that this is a sequel to.

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  1. Truthspoon 4 months ago

    Dude, you have a microphone, you don't need to shout.

  2. video gameplay 4 months ago

    wow second video game i played was breakout, arrow race was the first game i played it was at thrify drug store in redondo beach ca mid 70s

  3. davy K 4 months ago

    Super Breakout is one of my favourite 2600 games (which also has the classic mode) but I can remember this cabinet in the arcade. Lovely old machine – hard to beat paddle control. There is more to Double mode than meets the eye. Having two paddles means you can change the timing of the two balls so that they are far enough part – THEN when you hit the last brick and get a new wall , one of the balls is caught up at the top of the screen for big easy points. Tricky to do! You get double points when you have 2 balls going (and triple when in cavity mode and are juggling 3 balls.)

  4. Kevin Roberts 4 months ago

    Very nice. Pretty decent condition too. If it were mine I'd want to keep the shell in it's original state, with maybe only repairing the rust on the front to prevent farther damage. I love Super Breakout. As my Mame machine only has sticks, I can't really play it on there, but I've been meaning for some time to replace the worn out pots in my Atari paddles so I can play it again on my 2600.

  5. Jerry Power 4 months ago

    I was born in 78, I'm a Steve Jobs baby!

  6. Justin Blystone 4 months ago

    +John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech I am AMAZED that you have an ENTIRE arcade in your basement and your garage. Where do you live?

  7. Alex McCulloch 4 months ago

    Atari! And Discover How Far You Can Go.

  8. Battle Cat 4 months ago

    I just had this exact model left to me. Haven't tested it yet. What would be a average price I could sell it for in working condition? Or if just for parts what could I expect. Thanks

  9. ArcadeDude44 4 months ago

    I just went back & watched this video again. I'm getting motivated, I'm making room in my arcade (work bench goes down, until I can find somewhere else for it), so I can make room for my 4 new pickups that I'm grabbing tomorrow: A Neo Geo 4-slot cab (with a 1-slot pcb installed??), Track & Field, Asteroids and…Super Breakout!:).

  10. John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech 4 months ago

    They are easy to find. 🙂

  11. Lee 4 months ago

    Nice video, thank you, its funny, kids today refuse to realize the underlying gameplay/programming is essentially the VERY SAME WITH ALL NEXT GEN CONSOLES, WITH AMAZINGLY ACCELERATED GRAPHICS LAID OVER, in essence, you are STILL paddling the shot at a target, maybe some slightly more complex dodging onscreen

  12. someinterwebguy 4 months ago

    Just found your channel and I am addicted.

    Congrats on getting my favorite arcade game (although Tempest & Tac/Scan are up there). According to the pdf manual/MAME, you can configure how many balls (3 or 5), Extended Play score, etc. FYI – The Arcade Museum has a pdf of the manual.

    Also the DICE emulator lets you play Breakout, and a bunch of other discrete logic games. It requires a beefy CPU though.

    Any chance of you getting a Heavy Barrel arcade? That's my favorite Run N' Gun.

  13. Transam4000 4 months ago

    John,can I send my monitors to your friend so he can fix them, cause I have about 3 of them that need attention, is that possible, if so, what's his address? Thank you

  14. Transam4000 4 months ago

    Thank You, I have been waiting sooooo long on this, love your restoration vids, that's what inspires me to work on mine and try to figure out how to get mine working

  15. John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech 4 months ago

    It's coming today! I am uploading it now. 😀

  16. Transam4000 4 months ago


  17. Transam4000 4 months ago

    When will pacman be revealed?

  18. TheWraith2006 4 months ago

    John, "Super Breakout" is definitely 1 of the games that deserves a permanent spot in your basement. It is a great classic. Don't ever sell it…. 🙂

  19. wjtollan 4 months ago

    Very cool indeed, The barber shop my mother used to take me to had this exact game in it….Oh the memories

  20. Transam4000 4 months ago

    I hope so, still waiting on that second video, when I go to look for it, it's not there, so please do another video about PACMAN! and are you going to fix the monitor issue on super breakout? And good video on the commando

  21. Loggins1969 4 months ago

    Always hoped you would include some arcade stuff in VGO – but obviously it wouldnt fit. You know — Kyle and Michelle..

    Is Kyle dead btw?

  22. ryan christian 4 months ago

    I have a original pong 😀 got it for £35 anyway John I been enjoying your podcast keep up the good work. 🙂

  23. John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech 4 months ago

    Awesome! Thanks so much!!! I hope you like it. 🙂

  24. Loggins1969 4 months ago

    Ive been listening to VGO since episode one and now im listening to Arcade Outsiders! Great stuff – excellent podcast mate.

  25. Ennar 4 months ago

    I have played the shit out of "Alley Way" on the Game Boy, which is a clone of this game, with a few extras added: Scrolling bars, paddle gets smaller, bonus levels where the ball doesn't bounce off the bricks, and of course, Mario. It's a pretty fun game, and it will always be one of my favourites on the Game Boy.

  26. John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech 4 months ago

    No, not yet! I hear the one that is out now isn't too great.

  27. UnwoundS3GA 4 months ago

    Nice video John! 🙂 have you seen that new Steve Jobs movie there coming out with?

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