Atari VCS/2600 "Have You Played Atari Today" 1982 commercial – Super Breakout

One of Atari’s 1982 “Have You Played Atari Today” series of commercials. This one illustrates the Super Breakout game.

This is a port of Atari’s coin-op game (designed by Ed Logg) and the sequel to Breakout that far exceeds the original. Along with the 3 new variations (Double Breakout, Cavity Breakout, and Progressive Breakout), it also includes the original Breakout. We quote programmer Nick Turner from his website:

“What was so special about this otherwise simple, ordinary game? I could not decide which of 16 different sounds to use for the brick-scoring, so I included them all, selecting one at random each time the game was reset. This simple creative element turned the game into something unique and new… and the game brought me over $250,000 in royalties by the end of 1982”.

From Carol Shaw:

“I started working on Super Breakout before I left Atari. I wrote a kernel which demonstrated the feasibility of generating the display with up to 3 balls and/or moving bricks”.


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