Best of Princess Principal OST

Princess Principal Original Soundtrack: Sound of Foggy London
composed by Yuki Kajiura and Ryo Takahashi

A selection of the best tracks from Princess Principal, ordered for a more optimal listening experience! Ad revenue from this video directly goes to the owners.

I hope to dedicate this channel to highlighting some of Kajiura’s best and so even more people can enjoy her wonderful music.

0:00 shadows and fog
3:43 tailing in darkness
6:04 operations in action
8:16 why should we be apart?
10:30 on a day so calm
12:16 espionage trap
15:08 battle of the shadows
18:22 titteringly
19:42 scars of the past
21:33 hopeless
23:06 moonlight melody ~ Piano ver.
24:45 a fighter-girl from east
27:36 tiny flower garden
29:35 A Page of My Story ~ Piano ver. (by Ryo Takahashi)
31:17 school girl life
33:42 the creeping fate
36:18 tragedy and silence
38:38 everyone has something to hide
41:00 give your hands to me
42:55 moonlight melody
47:32 A Page of My Story ~ four-handed ver. (by Ryo Takahashi)

Next uploads will probably be El Cazador de la Bruja and Pandora Hearts!

Mainly I will make “Best of” videos, but I also plan to make some “Top X tracks from” ranking videos. I might also do themed video uploads like “Sad/Relaxing Yuki Kajiura Compilation”.

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  1. 최영원 4 months ago

    들을때마다 장면이 떠올라.. 개좋다

  2. CornishCreamtea07 4 months ago

    You can really tell it is Yuki Kajiura from Titteringly, as it features that music box sound she used in Madoka.

  3. Rina chan Boardoo 4 months ago

    1:27 THE BEST OH MY GOD!!!!!! JAZZ!!!!

  4. test user 4 months ago

    6:04 operations in action
    That is Dangerous when listening in the car.

  5. Tokisaki Yukari 4 months ago

    Oh damn. I somehow got the Madoka Magica vibe from "Battle of the shadows" 😐

  6. jel ly 4 months ago

    EASILY ONE OF THE BEST ANIMES I'VE WATCHED, plus the veerry awesome soundtracks

  7. John Brown 4 months ago

    I was born in foggy London (Chelsea) many years ago. 'The Sound of Foggy London' suits the memory of the incredible fogs we used to have there (the Bus Conductor would have to walk in front of the bus sometimes, with a torch!) – how times have changed. The rest of the music is typical Yuki – lots of flute playing.

  8. Dean 4 months ago

    10:30 best one bro…

  9. Shtoops 4 months ago

    There's some very Madoka orchestral bits, but I think it reminds me of Madlax the most. Probably a good thing since this is a Bee Train Girls-With-Guns spiritual follow up

  10. Tyo 4 months ago


  11. Mimishi 4 months ago

    Some say the anime is bad but it's not actually.

  12. nie ooi 4 months ago

    Seems Sayaka Miki has impeccable taste in music… Also, please support the anime that Yuki worked on by buying one DVD or BD of it at least.

  13. David 4 months ago

    Fucking banging OST

  14. Frunze91 4 months ago

    How can such bad anime have such great ost?

  15. Letsbe a Bean 4 months ago

    who else can't wait for season 2?

    I'm losing my patience too don't worry 😀

  16. Just a biromantic watermelon 4 months ago

    Will you be doing a vid with all the tracks? If you're thinking about making one then please do and if you know one then please PLEASE give me link

  17. Swagger Joyce 4 months ago

    God bless you for this video, I really loved the soundtrack in this anime

  18. Steve B 4 months ago

    Titteringly and the piano version of 'Page of my Story' are just beautiful.

  19. Gabriel KnoW 4 months ago

    0:00 Shadows and fog
    3:43 Tailing in darkness
    6:04 Operations in action
    8:16 Why should we be apart?
    10:30 On a day so calm
    12:16 Espionage trap
    15:08 Battle of the shadows
    18:22 Titteringly
    19:42 Scars of the past
    21:33 Hopeless
    23:06 Moonlight melody ~ Piano ver.
    24:45 A fighter-girl from east
    27:36 Tiny flower garden
    29:35 A Page of My Story ~ Piano ver. (by Ryo Takahashi)
    31:17 School girl life
    33:42 The creeping fate
    36:18 Tragedy and silence
    38:38 Everyone has something to hide
    41:00 Give your hands to me
    42:55 Moonlight melody
    47:32 A Page of My Story ~ four-handed ver. (by Ryo Takahashi)

  20. a 4 months ago


  21. Maximo Kyouma 4 months ago

    06:04 This track is gold

  22. Foxtrot Fridays 4 months ago

    Perhaps I cried when the piano version of A Page of My Story played at 29:35….

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