Classic Game Room – SUPER BREAKOUT for Atari 5200 review


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Classic Game Room HD reviews SUPER BREAKOUT for Atari 5200. This Super version of Breakout was released in 1982 for the Atari 5200. How does it compare to the Atari 2600 version of Super Breakout? Watch the review and see. It’s like Pong meets Arkanoid for those of you not familiar with Atari’s masterpiece. Breakout took the simplicity of a basic paddle and ball bouncing game and amplified it to new extremes with fast paced, intense action. Destroy the bricks in this arcade style classic video game, earn more points for bricks higher in the formation and challenge yourself with increased speed when you do better. Super Breakout contains 4 different versions of gameplay for the Atari 5200 controller, although without paddle controller support the game suffers in the control department. Classic Game Room HD reviews Atari 5200 games as an Atari 5200 reviewer reviewing Atari 5200 video games like Super Breakout. This CGRHD has Super Breakout gameplay from Atari 5200.


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  1. Dope Robot 5 months ago

    trackball makes this a completely different game

  2. Just some cans of Flex Tape 5 months ago

    Gotta love the music at the end!

  3. alitlweird 5 months ago

    super awesome! holy crap! what a total time trip! the old manuals with high score records!! and the plastic keypad overlays!!! i instantly recalled the night we went to toys r us near louis-joliet mall and got our 5200! it was in December in 82 or 83. mind officially blown. good post.

  4. ArcadeDude44 5 months ago

    Cool pack in game with my original 4-port 5200 I picked up in 82. I now have only a 2-port in my current collection. For paddle controls, you could mod a 5200 controller, or just use paddles on an 8-bit Atari computer w/paddles (I think this game came out for those??). Awesome review, thanks for the memories. 🙂

  5. WebVMan 5 months ago

    I'd buy THAT for a dollar! And I just did. At my local Half-Price Books.

  6. wildsmiley 5 months ago

    They sure were. Take it from one who was a kid. Still I was only three years old when the 5200 and this game came out in 1982. But hey.

  7. Daniel Yentzer 5 months ago

    Here's another Breakout-style game that I'm sure you'll enjoy. It's called Ultraball, and it combines elements of Breakout with pinball features such as bumpers, flippers, rollover targets, bonus multipliers, and more. There is also a vast array of power-ups, such as extra ball 9the best), multiball, expander (a larger paddle), fireball, ice ball, and many more. It can downloaded by typing "ultra ball" at google. Check it out!

  8. o8bit0hero 5 months ago

    What the music beats title?

  9. Nunya Bizness 5 months ago

    Thanks for bringing back some memories! I remember playing this game on a black & white tv set!

  10. IIIJFRIII 5 months ago

    @tallirasha O man thats would be so awsome lol. But times seem to be reverting back to retro things, I feel a mayjor 80's wave comming soon.

  11. tallirasha 5 months ago

    if i could i would go back in time and live through the 80s again@IIIJFRIII

  12. Ace Möwick 5 months ago

    The 2600 is classic but the 5200 is actually better, only flaws were it's size, the A/C adapter (even though adapters suck period), the weird box thing you plug the cables into, and the does not work unless you fix it yourself controller. Basically I prefer the 5200 controller for games like breakout instead if using those stupid knob controllers for the 2600 version

  13. TheBestComicKing 5 months ago

    The Controllers actually work!!?

  14. EnigmaHood 5 months ago

    There seems to be some glitches. At around 1:35 the ball passes between two bricks and hits one that it normally should not have had access to.

  15. IIIJFRIII 5 months ago

    the 80's where so cool ;(.

  16. DoitForTheLolz1 5 months ago

    @dustyatari captain idiocy is quite idiotic when he speaks idiotically.

  17. GayStation64 5 months ago

    @dustyatari That's even less appropriate an insult than before. Could you at least attempt to make some semblence of sense? Try to apply your insults to the situation, eh?

  18. Joon Oh 5 months ago

    AVGN lied! This console DOES work!

  19. DoitForTheLolz1 5 months ago

    SMB and pong aren't similar enough to compare.

  20. KillerB Hive 5 months ago

    The black void is in your heart, Mark!

  21. GayStation64 5 months ago

    Arkanoid and Super Breakout are similar games, undeniably. Breakout takes the pure, simple approach (mostly) while Arkanoid ramps up the sillyness with crazy weapons.

    I feel justified in comparing the two, especially since I just made a brief, thought-out point.

    You on the other hand lashed out with a 12 year old's insult for no apparent reason. Who's the bigger "asshole"?

  22. KartKing4ever 5 months ago

    y r u being a fucker

  23. MistMage 5 months ago

    Myeah, in retrospect I suppose I should have seen (or heard) that. Oh well.

  24. GayStation64 5 months ago

    No, the music was added to keep it from being boring. Music of such quality is far beyond what the systems of the time could produce.

  25. Dec 5 months ago

    Yes they do you "n00b"

  26. GayStation64 5 months ago

    I prefer Arkanoid, because it's got a load of fun power-ups.

  27. MistMage 5 months ago

    Is that the ingame music? If so, it had quite good music.

  28. Maxi 5 months ago

    wtf games dont need a story you n00b

  29. Alan cardiel 5 months ago

    Whats the story on that game? is it like GTA or fallout. lol

  30. Savage Noble 5 months ago

    I love that the original owner's high scores are in there! That's so cool!

  31. CakePicnic 5 months ago

    Can anyone give me the name of the song?

  32. Michael 5 months ago

    a timeless classic thats still awesome to play.

  33. Brian Paglia 5 months ago

    I think he already did.

  34. SpaceyAtariQueen 5 months ago

    the music cant compare to 2600

  35. notyoursavior78 5 months ago

    "Me – Don't Know – 870." lol It's like he forgot to write down the date that day and then came back to it later and couldn't remember the day he got 870.

    That's pretty funny. Nice review, Mark.

  36. Millertheman 5 months ago

    lol im pretty sure he does read them, cos i kept nagging him about a review for a game and he replied with a dif account

  37. ZombieToaster 5 months ago

    I would think so since i saw complaints about the bad picture quality on his last 5200 review, and he ow brought it up.

  38. m0otube 5 months ago

    I think the 2600 version has alot better sound effects.

  39. AfroedNinja 5 months ago

    Nice review!

  40. Phillip Garcia 5 months ago

    U BARELY GOT IT???? its been like year man get with the new games man

  41. Sniper257 5 months ago

    I like the stock music for this one!

  42. kevin12567 5 months ago

    I think this is because the way it was programed, the ball can only "hit" a brick from the bottom or top, not from the side.

  43. virusone25 5 months ago

    Arkanoid will be coming to the Live Arcade soon.

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