Dear Diary (Mandy's Room)

We find ourselves
trapped inside
a robot teddy bear
named Mr. Jenkins
whose sole purpose
is to be a diary
for teenage girls,
as they tell you their
deepest darkest desires.

🦇Greetings!🦇 Batprince here! Thank-You for clicking the “Show More” section of the description.

I’m an Australian gamer in a Top Hat with a Curly Moustache who likes to play games on STEAM! I upload a new video every day, so there is always something to watch.

Feel free to say Hi, I’m fairly friendly.

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  1. The Game Bros with Sirhc and Ar0n 4 months ago

    There is a sequel to this game now, Mandy has a friend named Molly, I noticed it on Keymailer which then led me to your video because of course you own the first one 😛

  2. jester0770 4 months ago

    wasn't sure about this game, but it seems decently done. have to keep an eye out for other possible games by the developer

  3. Steve Stuff 4 months ago

    Gosh, I sure do wish I could actually hear the game.

  4. Stevepunk 4 months ago

    "There's my box"
    I didn't come here to see your box.

  5. AdineX 2 4 months ago

    Spam comment

  6. Mr Someone 4 months ago

    good video

  7. Jonathan Soko 4 months ago

    Bro whats your pc specs? I'm curious to compare mine to see if i can do vr with it

  8. Side_Effect 4 months ago

    Have you already watched "Mandy" ?)

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