Evil Nun Walkthrough #3 (New Secret Room & Mystery of Secretary) || Hindi Gameplay

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Evil Nun Walkthrough #3 (New Secret Room & Mystery of Secretary)

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Game Name – Evil Nun

About Evil Nun ~ Evil Nun is a first-person horror game where you play a boy who has to escape from the clutches of an evil nun who’s captured him and locked him in a school. The nun’s plan is to complete a satanic ritual and your character plays a fundamental part of this ritual.
This game is so terrifying and it make sure to make you jump more then one…. so best of luck😅.

Hey guys, What’s going on?
What’s going on guys? My name is Hitesh and welcome to another game. In this game i found a new secret room in the Evil Nun’s School and it has some very mysterious things in it including a black key and also I found a mysterious thing in the Secretary room…..if you wanna see what it is stay tuned….and watch the whole video and SUBSCRIBE to the channel and also turn on the bell icon(it is the most important part)…….a like is much much appreciated…love my subscribers(only 6 right now but it’s fine)😘❤️

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