First Thoughts: Princess Principal [Ep. 4-8]

👍🏻 Seatactics gives his first thoughts on Princess Principal episodes 4-8. Also remember to subscribe for more Anime Reviews and Manga Reviews.
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  1. Garfiel 4 months ago

    great review, although i think you got confused with the episode numbers though XD

    episode 4 was focused on the whole team, no1 in particular, they all had their moments. They had to steal a prototype miniature Cavorite device the Kingdom has developed

    episode 5 was chise focused

    episode 6 was dorothy focused

    episode 7 focused again on the whole team, somewhat fillerish but serves a purpose ultimately i think

    I understand what you mean about it not flowing properly sometimes and there is a reason for that. the episodes don't happen in chronological order, so far if you wanted to watch them chronologically it would go episode: 2, 3, 5, 4, 1, 7, 6 i'm sure there's a reason they're doing this but at the moment it's too soon for me to guess XD

    I thought it was interesting to hear you mention it felt like a different studio was involved for some episodes – for episode 6 which focuses on dorothy & her dad, studio whitefox was credited in the ending credits where as the main studio behind princess principal is Studio 3Hz

    i don't think the princess will ever be more endearing or anything like that, at the end of episode 2 it's heavily implied that ange is actually the real princess and the princess is a spy and that they've done a ciel – black butler style switch. i think they're meant to be sisters (possibly) i'd have to double check though. So far atleast for me I think she's acting within character, I'm sure she'll have her time to shine since she's so important to the story, if not this season, maybe season 2 if they make one (they should do) since episode 6 is called 'Case 18' and episode 2 is 'Case 1' so i think it should have a 2nd season at some point unless they're just doing a 24 episdoe series

    i love the intro song, it has huge replay value for me. i like the ending song too, nothing special. just kinda nice, cute and chill

    i think princess principal is a contender for anime of the year for me, it's either this or dragon maid (assuming we're not including season 2s)

    great review again and look forward to the next one 😀

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