Game Design Document Template – One Page + Super Easy

In this video I walk you through a quick, one-page game design document template that I put together based on a post by Josehzz. Feel free to use/modify/distribute.
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Check out the design document template here:



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  1. CreatorRedA 4 months ago

    Good notes, additionally I would highly recommend that anyone trying to better document their game read this book: by Scott Rogers. It's a big one in the game dev community and has good guidelines for making GDD's.

  2. Elias Dickinson 4 months ago

    A huge thanks to you (and Jose). I have wanted to get into game design/development for a while and the GDD always seemed overwhelming for a first project. This really makes the whole thing seem less insurmountable.

  3. Quagsire Clearaszerg 4 months ago

    Hey guys, as a game designer do i need to learn how to draw???

  4. Chaos Bunny 4 months ago

    Man, that system you shared seems well organized, I'll try it as developing my game. Thank you.

  5. Zephoros 4 months ago

    I opened up the document and nine people are on xD

  6. BigJMC9 4 months ago

    This + Gantt chart works the best!

  7. Technigamer1 4 months ago

    this is not the game design document I was looking for. yes it is a template but it doesn't give me as much detail as I need.

  8. MusicGuitarMan95 4 months ago

    i know its an old video and i don't really expect a reply in 2019 but i'll try. I want to get to get in a college and a university in video games: design profile and to apply you need some stuff including a design document, do you think such school would expect a 100 page fully detailed GDD as an entry requirement or a 1-2 page design document like in this video? i have A LOT of brainstorm ideas in a personal word file but i want to make it in a GDD but didn't know which one to aim for 😛

  9. Soultrail Studio 4 months ago

    "Sorry, GDU Logins Have Been Disabled."

  10. PlasticPlanet 4 months ago

    This helps so much, I have to do this for the application to Miami university in Oxford.

  11. android272 4 months ago

    This would be a great thing to put in place for the readme page on my git repo. Just need to convert it to markdown and you have a design doc with versioning. Plus this is front and center on your repo so everyone who goes there can read the design doc to get to know what the project is about. If anyone is interested in that I have gone ahead and uploaded a template to GitHub fond here:

  12. G Baldwin 4 months ago

    really great video man. you're a good teacher!

  13. Ian Kane 4 months ago

    Great information, thanks.

  14. Aten Music 4 months ago

    Hey, thank you so much for this. I didn't even know where to start and this helped out a lot! Keep it up and good luck 🙂

  15. Josue Barros 4 months ago

    Wonderful bro, Just downloaded this nice gdd!!!

  16. Peter Gandia 4 months ago

    Thank you GDU and Jose. Very appreciated.

  17. Hayk Amirbekyan 4 months ago

    I def wanna see your old "novel" "GDD" as I'm experiencing the same issue myself lol

  18. YourZombieMop 4 months ago

    I recently began a new game project that is much bigger in scope than any of my earlier projects. I decided it was time to build structure for myself, as I didn't want to lose my thoughts in my head. I did some online research and then took about an hour to write up a template. I then filled out my template in a few more hours and soon got to work on my project. I have found that with more structure I can work much more efficiently and I feel much better about my progress as I'm reaching milestones that I've set for myself, which really boosts my confidence and interest in my game.

    The template is only 2 pages long, and when filled, it became 7 for me. The template is a simple 8-point detailing of the game, and takes a few hours to fill out. It's very well organized and uses proper header notation so that you can add a table of contents if you wish. If you're looking for something along these lines, I recommend checking it out:

  19. The Masood Brothers 4 months ago

    Hi your mailing list is not active, I tried to get a Free Report on your website, can you please send me a link or an alternative. I'm trying to start up my own Gaming Company, and I'm gathering as much information as I can. I am at Point -10 at this point, but I can't wait to get to point 1 out of 100. I plan on going direct to AAA development, and take my time and my own money, and I plan on developing my title for next-gen consoles only.

  20. Not Tired of Winning 4 months ago

    Good stuff, thanks man!

  21. HDchire chd 4 months ago

    get the fuck out nicolas

  22. Allan Cheah 4 months ago

    Really cool! Thank you for posting this video. I will like to hear more from you and will be glad if you could post more video of this. Great video by-the-way ! 🙂

    Anyway, is it fine if i can get some advice on these android app below? I am still a beginner and hope to learn from everyone. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!…

    bit. ly/2tldxaG

    Apologize about the shortened link having spaces.. Will greatly appreciate if you could remove the spaces to access this google play store app.

    greatly appreciate !

  23. OfficeBeats 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  24. Kermity 4 months ago

    I can make an amazing game, in full detail and everything!

    Thing is… I can’t code for shit. Just know how to write really well 🙁

  25. Kyran DM 4 months ago

    I cant draw

  26. Aleksandr 4 months ago

    Just what I was looking for – some good example.

  27. david smith 4 months ago

    Good vid. Am trying to do this in a flow chart, maybe a vid on gamming flow chart next?

  28. zubayer rashid 4 months ago

    Thanks a lot, sir.

  29. Jorge Alberto Martínez Mondragón 4 months ago

    Does this document has to be created before prototyping?

  30. kendel roten 4 months ago

    Great video bro! I'm doing a card game rn and my main issue is making the stats for the first few cards. I don't want to get to far in to it for your sake but I'd like a video from your perspective on how to begin with starter numbers. I get 1 is easiest but I have 3 stats and cost is gonna reflect them. Either way thanks for the content!

  31. FoxFX 4 months ago

    Really helpful, gonna save this for future use on my prototypes.

  32. Sean Ramey 4 months ago

    I like this, but I think it lacks quite a bit of detail. I like to create a software design document as well, and it describes all the software systems that need to be implemented and how they are implemented in order to complete the game. I kinda need to know whats gonna be in the game for me to do that, mainly, I need a list of "objects" that will be in the game. Such as, the player's character and how he behaves, the different types of enemies that he will encounter and how they behave, the elements of the level such as powerups and buttons and stuff, etc.. Now, it's not supposed to contain everything the first time. Both documents are expected to be changed throughout development as needed, but I should still have a good description of the core components of the game from the start.

  33. Adrián Popof 4 months ago

    Very interesting and practical video, thanks for share 🙂
    It would be nice if you could share too an example of a finished GDD using this template.

  34. Ian 4 months ago

    thanks bro

  35. Swift Games 4 months ago

    this helps thank you

  36. Alec AlMartson 4 months ago

    Thank you!

  37. TheWeeDev 4 months ago

    Thanks for this, I'm used to writing GDD but this makes it so much smaller, gives me more time to actually start development. Thanks!

  38. Cosmic Misfit Drew 4 months ago

    nice hat (; it's sassy

  39. Title Pending 4 months ago

    Thanks, pretty good compared to what I was using before, but I would add under milestones a social metrics such as X likes.

  40. Mytarious Gaither 4 months ago

    Thanks family.

  41. raintz randmaa 4 months ago

    I found your channel today, and…. you are like me only older… you made the same mistakes that I do right now 🙂 Subscribed

  42. yair katz 4 months ago

    would you say that horror games are too advanced for 10 or 20 indie designers?

  43. yair katz 4 months ago

    would you prefer for us to dislike videos that we don't find helpful? this video WAS helpful, but it's just a thought i had, because you are kind of a hit-and-miss kinda guy, which i totally respect.

  44. yair katz 4 months ago

    he's not looking at the camera this entire video

  45. Sir Codezyy 4 months ago

    I am a game developer and while I agree that writing a very long and detailed game design document is very boring, I find it helps me to create the best possible game out of my resources. A small one lacks the potential to expand and go in detail.
    I normally make my own but I have used a template before so here it is for those who need a detailed GDD:

  46. Swashbucklingfox 4 months ago

    Thank you for this!

  47. TheGraves 4 months ago

    Please consider posting to vidme

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