Game Grumps Animated – Thomas the 18th Century Boy – by Christian Dobbins

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  1. christopher Boudreaux 4 months ago

    They should start writing these characters down

  2. Andrew Garcia 4 months ago

    Father it sure is nice of of you to take me to the beach to feed the fish. But why didn't you bring fish food father. Also aren't there sharks here father .

  3. Lacie Animations 4 months ago

    I want a series of this xD
    Edit: I'm late I know, but i still want a series xD

  4. UU Its Me Yeees 4 months ago

    1:12 The look of realization from Thomas… I can't…….

  5. Hallie Henderson 4 months ago

    Not to be dramatic, but I would die for Thomas…

  6. Scott Tivey Jr 4 months ago

    So that's how he became a train.

  7. Beckaboi 4 months ago

    "Father, is this one of those newfangled hairdryer-seats? but my hair is not wet! well, father knows best. The arm cuffs are just a tad excessive, wouldnt you agree? oh, well. I suppose that big switch on the wall turns it on?"

  8. intensified 3000 4 months ago

    Thomas looks like RTgame as a kid

  9. Kiko Thompson 4 months ago

    I like the thought that Thomas keeps surviving and the dad keeps trying to kill him

  10. 404_coffee 4 months ago

    I love dans characters

  11. Rasputin 4 months ago

    I know this is 2 years old, and I don't often comment on animations, but I just wanted to say how pretty this one is. I love the design, especially on the father and the facial expressions were perfect. I think it was exactly as envisioned

  12. Da Slim boi Jim 4 months ago

    I love him. He is amazing. Thomas is wonderful.

  13. SuperSonicDJ 617 4 months ago

    "Why are we here in the desert, father? Are we going to feed these vultures? Why are you laying me on the ground?"

  14. Duck Lemon 4 months ago

    "father, swimming is so much fun, but why have thou plugged in a electrical device? wouldn't that shock the water?"

  15. Greek Potato 4 months ago

    “What a lovely dagger you made Father! Will we be role playing as dashing young rogues? But I am without such a weapon. Will I be getting a substitute?

  16. J Roberts 4 months ago

    Father, that is a lot of sugar you have there, would'nt a more humane way to consume it be with your mouth? And not your nostrils father?

  17. Red King Rauri 4 months ago

    "My father taught me to swim by taking me out into the lake and throwing me out of the boat, and I swam back to shore.

    Then he took me further out into the lake and threw me out again, and I swam back to shore.

    Then he took me to the deepest part of the lake and threw me out one final time, and I swam back to shore. That is how I learned to swim.

    Actually, the learning to swim wasn't the hard part. It was getting out of the burlap bag".

  18. Alejandro Tenorio 4 months ago

    Just Thomas’s face when the dad leaves

  19. William F. 4 months ago

    Thomas's face at 1:15 is perfect

  20. treasurexplanet 4 months ago

    What’s the actual name of this story?? I WANNA READ IT NOW.

  21. racoon killer 7 4 months ago

    Thomas is so damn adorable😍im sorry

  22. Another Failure 4 months ago

    Thomas is so innocent

  23. The Vibe Checker 4 months ago

    Oh what a joy it is to be having this alone time father, but to hike on such a steep cliff is surely dangerous, is it not? And you needn’t roll up your sleeves, the day is cold.

  24. WolfydaWolf129 4 months ago

    Gosh, I just love the realization on his face at the end

  25. GetsumkiwiInya 4 months ago

    Thomas so cute

  26. Neon Lights 4 months ago

    Thomas must be protected at all costs.

  27. Giwl Gwamer UwU 4 months ago

    Poor boy :< He looks too cute to die

  28. Joshua Williamson 4 months ago

    He Got Yeet in the background

  29. Nick Grimes 4 months ago

    Okay. I thought that this was gonna be referring to Thomas The Tank Engine AS an 18th century boy. I guess I put it in my own head that this kid really does look like a humanized Thomas The Tank Engine…

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