Guided By Voices – Watch Me Jumpstart (A Film By Banks Tarver, 1996)

Guided By Voices’ 1995 album ‘Alien Lanes’ 25th Anniversary multi-colored vinyl edition available for pre-order in the Matador webstore while supplies last. Order now and stream the record:

Matador Records presents “Watch Me Jumpstart”
Directed by Banks Tarver
Produced by Banks Tarver
Starring: Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Jim Pollard, Kevin Fennell
Introducing: Pete Jamison as ‘Manager for Life’
Music by Guided By Voices

Matador Records on the web:


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  1. The P- Waves 4 months ago

    No hitters of music documentaries!!!

  2. Tyler Wissman 4 months ago

    hey, daytonians!

  3. Steve Kelley 4 months ago

    This is America’s Band. Don’t Stop Now!

  4. Vago Gbv 4 months ago

    I really love this band, I think bob is a born artist. But I have no doubts that the best time was with the classic line up, when they played and composed together they had a special magic. PS: If any of the members of those years (manager included) sees this comment, just say thank you for all the excellent work you did.

  5. Saddest Chord 4 months ago

    I've been listening to GBV for a million years and have seen them play probably ten times but I don't think I'd ever heard Bob Pollard talk before. Well, when you talk on stage and are amped up (or drunk) it's different. This is the first time I've heard him speak in a normal voice and I'm surprised about how southern he sounds. Such a great band. They're a big part of who I am.

  6. Scott L 4 months ago

    31:28…. The irony in this moment is off the charts.

  7. klamsauce233 4 months ago

    i wish this was 8 hours longer.

  8. auteur_theory 4 months ago

    does anyone know all the tracks in this video able to list them ? Thanks :^0

  9. Royal Chant 4 months ago

    Could someone clarify what happened at the gig in Austin with Picasso Trigger? We couldn't quite make it out/follow, just curious.

  10. lucas cain 4 months ago

    Oh wow finally! Have this on dvd but cool to have it here on the ol you tube!

  11. Nicolas Eckerson 4 months ago

    I'd keep their albums with me if I were kidnapped, stranded, had to move, joined the military, any situation. These would come along because they get my life.
    "See Ya Sideburns!!!!!!!" Much love from the dude beer suburbs of Rochester Ny

  12. James Croy 4 months ago

    Love the guitar player smoking a cigarette while brushing his teeth

  13. Stevie 4 months ago

    29:25 – That man is going places.

  14. AelfBeat 4 months ago

    If you fall, you just keep singing. Then you do a roll…a backward roll!

  15. G Brandt 4 months ago

    Just bought an official tee right before the quarantine

  16. Michael Wilson 4 months ago

    Strange. I was listening to my old CD of Vampire On Titus/Propeller a couple days ago. This recommendation came up today and I got paranoid. I thought my tablet was spying on me! Now I see other folks are getting this too. I'm relieved. Oh, Vampire and Propeller are both great. Give them a listen.

  17. Josh Richardson 4 months ago

    I don't know why but I always pictured Bob singing vocals into a sm57 not a 58.

  18. Méchant Manu 4 months ago

    Pollard is an indie god

  19. reuben yebra 4 months ago

    Ha it's a classic

  20. SpookyApparition 4 months ago

    I found a shitty rip of this on Soulseek or something like 15 years ago and used to watch it all the time. It's a great complement to the newish book about Bob/GBV called Closer You Are. Captures a similar vibe.

  21. Harry Joiner 4 months ago

    19:43 … Bob's mind is not "point A to point B" … it's more like "point A to point Pluto."

  22. achabla 4 months ago

    sick reverse lefty layup at 12:07

  23. Alexandre Rodrigues 4 months ago

    Uma das minnhas bandas prediletas de todos os tempos! Não assitia a esse vídeo desde quando comprei o box set, há muito tempo atrás… esquentou meu coração!

    Thanks and stay safe!

  24. Bill Owen 4 months ago

    Thank you Algorithms

  25. basicbasic 4 months ago

    That miniramp looks fun

  26. Matt 4 months ago

    inspiring!! :):) love em

  27. superdeluxesmell 4 months ago

    I like Kevin, I want to give him a hug.

  28. Rochford Snrubbs 4 months ago

    GBV's discography is filled with gems but the three from around this period (Bee Thousand, Alient Lanes and Under The Bushes) are full of magic from start to finish. Some of my absolute favourites

  29. Setshot 4 months ago

    I needed that. It's been too long

  30. j m 4 months ago

    Gee where'd the the time go? Seems like yesterday listening to Alien Lanes and gathering a new lease on my rock life in our own basement band.

  31. Bandstand 4 months ago


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