Hollyoaks: Darren and Mandy's Son

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Darren and Mandy find out more information about their unborn son…

If you’d like to find out more information about Spina Bifida and other medical conditions, please click the link for help and support:

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  1. Catherine Matthews 1 hour ago

    I am soo happy they have decided to add this medical condition to the show because I have a severe form of spina bifida and have had problems in the past but love this storyline!!!!!!!

  2. chloe dickson 1 hour ago

    My son has Spina bifida so happy there doing a story line ♥️

  3. Kathryn T 1 hour ago

    I really hope Hollyoaks do this storyline true and how it should be. I have spina bifida, thankfully I can walk, but mobility really isn't the only thing that is a side affect of it and I hope they show that. My life has been turned upside because of the effects I suffer every single day from Spina Bifida. I hate that I've actually been called a liar before because "I'm not in a wheelchair and therefore I can't have spina bifida". I hope they show the entire scope of the condition to raise accurate awareness of it.

  4. James Barker 1 hour ago

    I bet they're gotta call their son 'Frank'.

  5. barbie_shadow 1 hour ago

    She's selfish she don't want that baby lol

  6. Joni I 1 hour ago

    Lukes the dad? *pretends to be shocked*

  7. Imogen Abbs 1 hour ago

    I’ve watched every video of Holloaks.

  8. Princess 1 hour ago

    Ollie gonna have a brother😍

  9. Mary Stone 1 hour ago

    My goodness doesn’t she play the (Victim) so well 😂😂😂 poor Darren is now Stepping up it’s Unfortunately with now wrong woman go back to Nancy ❤️

  10. The Stanimal 1 hour ago

    Haha it’s Luke kid

  11. alees & irees 1 hour ago

    Luke: I am your father

  12. daisyflower40 1 hour ago

    Always knew it was Luke’s kid

  13. Chelsey Linden 1 hour ago

    Who else has this other s*** had sex with besides Darren and Luke? Because now I'm starting to believe that other people are saying that Luke's the Father not Darren! I bet when see goes and see Luke in prison (either this week or next week 🤔) she'll tell him about the Baby and it's a Male. Once Darren knows that the Baby's Luke's I hope he'll go back to Nancy and she'll take him back in. 😔💔😢

  14. Solo Epics 1 hour ago

    Luke is the fatter because she they had sex that morning when Mandy told nacy and then later she was feeling sick so luke is the farther

  15. neonblackbeast 1 hour ago

    Yikes its not darren’s 😂😂😂😂 GET FUCKED BY KARMA U PRICKS!

  16. jose's leather jacket 1 hour ago

    This needed Jeremy Kyle!!!

  17. KadeL 1 hour ago

    My brother has spina bifida hes the most amazing kid he never lets anyone stop him

  18. J-Marie❤️ 1 hour ago


  19. Amber Hodges 1 hour ago

    I think it's luke baby

  20. Michelle Mc 1 hour ago

    I honestly hope it is Luke’s baby! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  21. Abbie Hazel Florence Hunter 1 hour ago

    I hate how they've treated Nancy and Luke. But I wouldn't wish anyone going through any of this. Poor baby. I feel for them tbh. I hope the baby will be okay ands possible. Luckily we have treatments these days

  22. D.K VLOGS 1 hour ago

    Good video aww

  23. Sarah Lowe 1 hour ago

    Ugh… Darren and Mandy 😒

  24. Maddie Griffin 1 hour ago

    Why can’t hollyoaks have a baby that doesn’t have anything wrong with it for once xx

  25. loopy loo 1 hour ago

    Does anyone else get the feeling Luke could be the dad 🤔

  26. Georgia 1 hour ago

    Luke I am your father

  27. 22 11 1 hour ago

    Luke is the father and am sure Mandy is going to keep that from Darren,especially since they were just talking about lies and secret ,it's so obvious that where this is headed

  28. Delphine Wallace 1 hour ago

    Need number seven

  29. Ruth Gorman 1 hour ago

    love this cant wait for more x

  30. neff giwa 1 hour ago

    But it's not ACC tho

  31. Rihannaduffyxxx Phoebelyn 1 hour ago

    Its Luke's baby oh my god

  32. Emily Vass 1 hour ago

    No one deserves Spina Bifida, no matter what. So my heart goes out to any parent who discovers that their child is going to be born with a life altering condition.

    But I do think that finding out the baby is Luke's is exactly what Mandy and Darren deserve after all the pain they've caused. I just wish there had been some other way to find it out, like the blood type making it clear Darren couldn't be the dad.

  33. muhammad Ikhlaq 1 hour ago

    yessss luke is the baby's father. yea man

  34. Siobhan Marie 1 hour ago

    Omg, keep reading it's Luke. Yaaasss HO

  35. Emily Vass 1 hour ago

    Am I the only one who thinks someone in Luke's family has Spina Bifida?

  36. Ali Yearsley 1 hour ago


  37. Kelly R 1 hour ago

    Mandy knows its Lukes baby.

  38. untilwemeetagain2010 1 hour ago

    Oh, boy she must know Luke's family's history.

  39. adam cain 1 hour ago

    Well this title isn't exactly accurate is it?

  40. Ayan Mohammed 1 hour ago

    Don't hate me but … I think Luke was the one who disliked this video 🙂

  41. CrazyGirlTash 1 hour ago

    Oh my god! This is funny, i can't stop watching 😂

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