How I Design An App Flowchart

How I Design An App Flowchart-The Daily Overpass #616

Hey, It’s Eric. Today’s blog is about how to manage yourself amidst the pressure of pleasing your clients. How I keep myself cool while dealing with expectations and demands.

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  1. Matthew Harris 4 months ago

    Wow! I just started recreating my diagram from Lucid Charts over in (had to switch as Lucid Charts limits you to 50 objects per document, including lines, in the free version).

    After drawing out a few boxes, I just thought I wonder what will happen if I paste this box in… and it worked! You can copy/paste the entire diagram in seconds so it makes it super easy to migrate over if that's what you have already been using.

    There is a huuuge gallery of shapes available, but I'm using the Flow Chart group of objects to do everything Eric does in this video. You can save it out to your own cloud drives so you essentially have unlimited storage.

    So far my only negative is that the connecting arrow lines / placement isn't as smooth as Lucid Chart – it is taking a lot more tweaking and re-alignment.

    @Chris Rabe / @Simon Suppertime, thanks for the tip with this one! Great solution.

  2. Dery Wang 4 months ago

    Try Flowgorithm. It is free and Mac friendly I think.

  3. Dilnoza Shaumarova 4 months ago

    I use Miro board and love it for charts, CJM, mindmaps

  4. Courtney Warman 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your process for creating an app flowchart. It is very helpful. I just downloaded Affinity Designer. They currently have a 90 free trial.
    They have the program listed for 50% off right now, so it is only $25. It is not a monthly subscription.

  5. Chris Talbot 4 months ago

    LibreOffice Draw

  6. Jose Espinal 4 months ago

    You should try the yEd editor. It's hard to believe that a tool like that is free (and it's been since I can remember, even if the company behind it sell products). I don't look anywhere else when I need to create different types of diagrams.

  7. Алан Бахчиев 4 months ago

    yEd Graph Editor is free and it's available for Mac

  8. Stephen Darling 4 months ago

    Hi. Check out Diagram Weaver for Mac (no affiliation). I loved Visio when using windows as well and I stumbled upon this app and I honestly love it 🙂

  9. Hajer Alsabei 4 months ago

    What API server parts mean? can you tell me where to look up?

  10. opto metry 4 months ago


  11. Kayod Marino PH 4 months ago

    i just draw my app flowchart. saves time

  12. Haytham Abdulla 4 months ago

    Check Dia

  13. Matthew Harris 4 months ago

    Just gave LucidCharts a go. Got 30 minutes into it and hit the limit. It seems you can only have 50 objects per document on the free tier 🙁

    I think that's a bit of a restrictive limit! It seems like its a great tool but they didn't even give me a chance to fall in love with it.

  14. Chris Rabe 4 months ago

    Have you tried Lucidchart reminds me of that

  15. collin visser 4 months ago

    I like using Pencil it is open source and runs on my Mac. It has some nice features like export to PDF and the ability to have events. I find pen and paper still the best but only I can read it :(.

  16. Simon Suppertime 4 months ago

    I had the same issue switching to mac but recognizing that having OS agnostic diagramming system had always been a problem that just didn't directly impact me. As a result, of this and the fact that my diagramming is so simple, I exclusively use online to make them.

  17. Rıfat Erdem Sahin 4 months ago

    Eric Adobe XD versus illustrator which one is better on prototyping ?

  18. Purshi Purushotham 4 months ago

    can teache me . I will pay per month

  19. Phil J 4 months ago

    Good stuff Eric, I tend to use OmniGraffle if I’m working on something complex that I can’t wrap my head around.

    Also I’m not sure if you have done a video on this yet, but could you talk about testing and how important is it to clients that they have a suit of tests built for their application? Or do they tend to skip testing requirements in favor of being cheaper and faster time to market?

  20. ChordFunc 4 months ago

    If I do flowcharts I mostly to them on paper actually 😅 But I really just work alone so I dont have anyone who I need to show it to. I also found that when doing flow charts it is useful to stick to one "level". So I try to avoid mixing lower level processes into a high level flowchart(if that makes sense). On the few occasionss I had to show someone a visual representation of an app I would just do a quick mockup in photoshop.

    But I love paper<3 I always have a notebook at my desk. Its also useful for writing out some sudo code and try to break everything out to function and figure out what I need to do to achieve my "goal" before moving into real code.

  21. ChordFunc 4 months ago

    I really like lucid charts!
    And I really like them as a company. They where probably one of the first usable online chart solution I came across and there marketing is also really creative😅

  22. Matthew Harris 4 months ago

    One thing you don't mention in the video is that its also useful for managing scope creep. You have something that you can point at and say it isn't in the spec. You can also produce a new one with the extra features in it so they can clearly see how much disruption their great new idea will make to the app, and justify the extra cost better.

  23. Matthew Harris 4 months ago

    There is a Visio web app, I thought you mentioned you had the Office 365 subscription in another video, is it not included in your pacakge?

  24. Johan De Beer 4 months ago

    Great Video! Can you please do a video about your entire process when developing an app. From concept, trough production to publication. That would be really amazing! Thank you in advance!

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