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IELTS Listening Practice Test

IELTS Listening Tips:

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Practice for the IELTS Listening Test with this IELTS practice test.
I will go through the answers at the end of the test and you will be able to convert your score into an IELTS band score. So get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down your answers. Good luck!

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To help you in your IELTS preparation, here are some tips for the listening test.

TIP #1 Take care with spelling. If you spell a word incorrectly, it will be marked as incorrect.

TIP #2 Similarly, take care with word endings: if the correct answer is “cats” and you write “cat”, your answer will be marked as incorrect.

TIP #3 Beware of distractors – this is information put into the recording that is similar to the answer, but is not the answer. For example, if you are listening for someone’s date of birth, you might hear a date, but might be for something else.

TIP #4 You will be given some time to read the questions before each recording is played. Read the questions very carefully as you will hear each recording only once, so you want to be familiar with the questions before you hear the recording

TIP #5 Write down your answers while you listen – you will need to write and listen at the same time.

TIP #6 Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything you hear. Listen out for the keywords from the questions and focus on what you need to be listening out for.

TIP #7 If you miss a question, don’t dwell on it because you may miss the answer to the next one. So, if you miss one, move on.

Tip #8: Make sure you follow the word count in the instructions of each question. For example, if the instructions say “write no more than one word” and you write “the train” instead of “train”, your answer will be marked as incorrect.

NOTE: In the IELTS exam, you will have 10 minutes to copy your answers to the official IELTS listening test answer sheet. You can download a copy of the answer sheet here:

IELTS Listening Part 1 is usually an informal dialogue in a social or everyday situation. In this test, it is a telephone conversation where someone is ordering a product.

IELTS Listening Part 2 is usually a non-academic monologue. In this test, the recording is of a man giving a talk about how to train as a racing cyclist.

IELTS Listening Part 3 is usually a discussion (between 3-4 people) related to education/training. In this test, the recording is of 3 students discussing a research project they must do.

IELTS Listening Part 4 is usually a university style lecture. In this test, it is a lecturer giving a talk about Roman trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

You can find lots more information about the IELTS Listening Test and the other parts of the IELTS test, on my IELTS Preparation Course on Udemy. Click here to get a big discount on the course:

1 Hornby
2 Ilford
3 94456781
4 coffee table
5 39.99
6 handbag
7 DBR29
8 express
9 A, D
10 D, E
11 clothing
12 determination
13 relaxation
14 diet
15 body care
16 B
17 C
18 A
19 B
20 B
21 specialist magazine
22 studio websites
23 (local) reviews
24 A
25 B
26 income
27 reactions
28 consistent
29 re-shoot
30 genre
31 eastern
32 piracy
33 repairing
34 slaves
35 (large) houses
36 fish sauce
37 specialised
38 B
39 C
40 F


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  1. Jahnavi janu 4 months ago

    Band 8

  2. Ashfaq Memon 4 months ago

    35/40 with 1.25x speed

  3. Rossleiny Park 4 months ago

    Sec.01 got 10score
    sec.02 got 9score
    Sec.03 got 7score
    Sec.04 feels like " UGH"….why just like this ?!.hahahahaha…

  4. Just Step 4 months ago

    Alexandria Hornby

  5. jijian's world 4 months ago

    My first attempt .I got 32 correct answers out of 40 indicating band 7

  6. Devraj Kherkatari 4 months ago

    It’s is very easy

  7. Simran Hundal 4 months ago

    I got 36….i was doing this test for fun….i hv given my ielts test in aug 2019…i got 7.5 overall bands…nd 8.5 in listening….i dont know why bt i always enjoy testing myself in listening…gud lck to everyone who are preparing for their ielts test…i wanna tell that the real ielts test is far easier than this through this practice tests they build you to face hard tests only..👍 dont wry

  8. ひろもとななこ 4 months ago

    memo/ I got band 6(28 correct answers)

  9. Muhammad Rizwan 4 months ago

    Hornsby 94456781 coffee table 39.99 handbag, Br29, tv newspaper,cheap

  10. Brave Mian 4 months ago

    I like your videos very much it is a good video for English practice.

  11. Bina Uberoi 4 months ago

    Upgrade your #Communication #Skills
    Lesson 1 –
    Lesson 2 –
    Lesson 3 –
    Lesson 4 –
    Lesson 5 –
    Lesson 6 –
    Lesson 7 –

  12. Yuki 4 months ago

    I am Japanese so, I don’t speak English. But I wanna speak English so that I can be a cabin crew. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to practice IELTS!

  13. Jinbababoo 4 months ago

    When she said GENRE
    Me : John what!?

  14. harry786786 4 months ago

    This is the first time i try and got 22 marks out of 40. Did some spelling mistakes 😌

  15. Nasro 4 months ago

    21/ 40🤦‍♂️

  16. Sena Sincanlı 4 months ago

    I think one of the number nine answer should not be A because she told that she check internet after her friend's recommendation.She did not heard by using internet.

  17. Sena Sincanlı 4 months ago

    Section 4 was so hard to keep focus and to understand rephrasings.

  18. Sidra sd 4 months ago


  19. Dhama Tanisha54 4 months ago

    I got band 9 and why was section 4 easy for me!?

  20. Harshpreet Singh 4 months ago


  21. Spice Playz 4 months ago

    i got band 6 23 correct marks in sec4 i f*** up! i did:

    31. eastern
    32. ——-
    33. ——-
    37. transport
    39. F
    40. D

  22. mine you 4 months ago

    Pronunciations makes me confused…anyways i got 25 only..😁

  23. Ryan Tao 4 months ago

    I doubt section 4 is the average difficulty of IELTS test,
    I have every piece of info in head but it is barely possible to convey it as the question posts within that tension and time, ridiculous

  24. EAQ 4 months ago

    Two months ago i started studying for the IELTS with this video and i got 29/40 ( band 6.5).. now, after two months of practice I’ve decided to take it again to see how far I’ve come (i swear I’ve taken hundreds of practice exams i forgot what it was about) and guess what? I got 36/40 (band 8)!! Practice makes perfect guys! Never lose hope❤️ also, my exam is in 10 days and I’ve never been so confident! wish me luck!

  25. mr india 4 months ago

  26. mr india 4 months ago

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