Is Princess Principal Worth Watching? | First Reaction

A Reaction to the opening episode of Princess Principal

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Music By: Makoto Yoshimori and Yuki Kajiura

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  1. The mr Randomname 4 months ago

    great show would reccomend

  2. Bocchan 4 months ago

    iie.. iie.. iie
    – Charlotte
    btw the sound effects are AMAZING

  3. 5ilver42 4 months ago

    I'd recognize that baccano ost you put in anywhere

  4. Vocaloid Fun 4 months ago


  5. David Sabillon 4 months ago

    Are you going to kill me?
    No no no no no no

  6. David Sabillon 4 months ago

    This first episode was freaking sick

  7. vesta 312 4 months ago

    There is going to be a movie version this spring

  8. Slightly Sleep Deprived 4 months ago

    So?? Is it good??

  9. Erika Stirling 4 months ago

    Who else was brought to this show the Laughing Cavalier constantly talking about it? Just me? Lol

  10. AK47_51 4 months ago

    Will you do a review on this anime? From how long it’s been since this has been made I guess not but still it would be nice to see what your opinions are on it.

  11. Patrick 4 months ago

    This is the first video that came up when I looked for reviews on this anime. Good job search engines.

  12. Jony ibarra 4 months ago

    It suck later

  13. BGM 4 months ago

    So is it good?

  14. German Badger 4 months ago

    Where can you watch this shit

  15. Ito Akame 4 months ago

    From my view look at it because ange is the real Charlotte and Charlotte is the real ange I think in the future ange will reveal that she is Charlotte to all the family or something because of the title princess principal then ange is MC and usually title go with MC and she is the real princess so that's what i think from my point of view because the duke which is her uncle will grow suspicious of her and after watching it I think this are just some of the possibilities it won't make a great show if they make no logic in changing back the duke basically can make a DNA test between both of em and know easily.

  16. AnimatedCarlos 4 months ago

    Just finished this and by god i want more. Probably some of the best characters in an anime for me.

  17. Deus Ex baby 4 months ago

    you're right. princess principal had a strong start but i lost interest the more episodes i watched. stopped around the halfway mark i think 6-7. maybe more i dont remember but i never finished it.

  18. Arnost Kostecka 4 months ago

    The best is the Prince and the Pauper twist that is going on behind the story. Just watch the show, and it will make sense why I pointed it out as one of the main inspirations of this story.

  19. Akak1ra 4 months ago

    What an amazing show.

  20. Арсений Марченко 4 months ago

    Too much fillers . Boooring.

  21. Muhammad Alif Rizqi Ramadhan 4 months ago


  22. Brandon 4 months ago

    Wait, did you say the scarlet pimpernell? That's the second time I heard that character being referenced, the first time was by Ms. Kazetsubaki Kuriko in the Maburaho episode in which Yuuna taught Rin to cook

  23. KD7BWB 4 months ago

    This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    “Princess Principal” is one of the best anime of its genre (difficult to pigeonhole it, but there a few like it). The most like it, is “Gosick”, and they’re not too similar, but both have pieces that dovetail. Both have detective mysteries n them, and both have discovery of solutions.

    First, don’t try to find a continuing story, from one episode to the next. There isn’t one. You will find each episode titled as a Casefile#, and they are not consecutive.

    The point of the first season, is to basically introduce the backstory mainly for the characters, and also make a case for the basic scenario and major plot-points.

    Don’t let any of this discussion dissuade you from watching. Princess Principal is a terrific anime. Scenario is excellent. Soundtrack is outstanding in every way, even the OP and ED is sang in English. The artwork, while not full paint in CGI, is absolutely theatric quality.

    Princess Principal stands as one of the best anime of 2017, and is difficult to replace. Rumor mill says its greenlighted for season-2, sometime in 2019. Hooray!

  24. matthew pines 4 months ago

    Wow cute AND an otaku where can I find a boyfriend like him?! Also new sub! 😀

  25. ༒ALUCARD ༒ 4 months ago

    How about tokyo ghoul

  26. Carrotsand cucumbers 4 months ago

    10% People who liked the show50% People who recommend the YouTuber a better episode40% People who force them to watch Made in Abyss, (I don't

  27. monocle 4 months ago

    I'd say this anime was the best of the season. Made in Abyss was good too though

  28. TheGuy WhoWentThere 4 months ago

    Guilty Crown Sucked, it was basically and really felt like the poor man's version of Code Geass.

    fantastic visuals, killer OP and ED themes, but terrible story like a wad of gum trying to hold together two pieces of ply wood.

    Sure it will, for about 10 seconds, an then watch it hit the floor with an annoying thud.

    Stay far far away from Guilty crown. Don't let the delicious sauce fool you from the dog foot it's covering up.

  29. Just Watching 4 months ago

    Just want to spread the word: 6 movie sequels have just been announced!

  30. YN Chu 4 months ago

    Rewatching your review and while Princess Principal is my favourite anime of 2017, this time around, I can't help but get goosebumps from the background tracks you are playing. Canta per me and Salva nos from Noir bring back such fond memories, so good choice sir!

  31. Shalltear Bloodfallen 4 months ago

    Princess principal end was amazing I really liked that ending

  32. Shtoops 4 months ago

    You mentioned a fondness for Noir (which happens to be my favorite anime) and Princess Principal seems to he heavily inspired by the Bee Train "girls-with-guns" trilogy. It not only shares having girls-with-guns, but Yuki Kajiura does the music (as she did with Noir, Madlax, and El Cazador) plus it has some visual similarities and I believe some of the same people working on it (although I haven't looked into the validity of that claim, it's just something I heard on /u/).

    But the reason I checked it out was because I heard that there was a sort of spiritual successor to the girls-with-guns stuff coming out, and It was very happy to find something worthy of that mantle. My only disappointment is that it seems set have a second season as they only have 12 episodes, while the Bee Train formula was the 26 episode series which I think worked really well. I hope it doesn't turn into something with like 6 seasons because that'd be a shame.

  33. Erok y 4 months ago

    Loved this anime, anyone got anything similar?

  34. Guardian Lyons 4 months ago

    Heeeeey. I heard that, you can't fool me with Canta per me playing in the background. Wrong Kajura ost. -_-

  35. Alex Moliere 4 months ago

    0:45 “group of girls”
    Anime! Group of girls?! No surprise

  36. Ellen noir 4 months ago

    Turn to be the real Princess Charlotte is Ange….

  37. Brent Stinebuck 4 months ago

    I love that anime is free now with Amazon prime. Never watched any besides the usual as a kid, Pokémon and DBZ.
    So far I've watched land of the lustrous and about half of these episodes, loved every minute of both.

  38. May Castle 4 months ago

    Yes it is.

  39. Yes 4 months ago


  40. Joshua Fogg 4 months ago

    Sorry to say, but Joker Game was not good.

  41. BringerOfD 4 months ago

    very good up until the go nowhere ending.

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