JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain Walkthrough (Robots 6-10)

Second part of the walkthrough. I apologize about how long this took, my previous week wasn’t exactly fun and I was too distraught to work on this. It also got halted twice because the biosphere gave me trouble (the first one failed because the game wasn’t responding to the keyboard properly, leading to directions being held when they shouldn’t have — believe me, at Level 3 that’s a major issue — and the second failed because of the glitch I uploaded another video of). So yeah, this one had a bit of a troubled production. Thankfully it’s done with now, and it’s nicely shorter than the last part. Enjoy.


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  1. RepublicofE 4 months ago

    Making people die from radiation poisoning so Polly can pass a quiz. That's uh, kinda evil Polly.

    Is her next scheme gonna be to change history so that vaccines are made by mixing live viruses and battery acid?

  2. Avi Greene 4 months ago

    Anyone think "Little April Shower" in "Bambi" can be sung in a round like "Row Row Row Your Boat"?

  3. SonicLoverDS 4 months ago

    One thing that bothers me about this game is that the questions posed in the Transquizzer– the ones Polly gives her ridiculous answers to– don't get proper answers. The answers are mentioned in passing during the Wheel of Knowledge segments, but get no special attention and are easy to miss. The whole thing feels a little lacking in closure as a result.

    Here's how I'd fix it: after retrieving each robot, Botley would pull up the Transquizzer again and replay the quiz question that was the focus of the mission you just completed– but this time, the teacher would reject Polly's joke answer and explain the correct one.

  4. Son of Hecate 4 months ago

    I swear, the player doesn't know jack shit about their multiplication tables with going down to the generator.

  5. JohnMKow 4 months ago

    Does anyone know a game that had a level similar to this robot puzzle level? Open ended instructions instead of ordered ones.

  6. Hannah Shribman-Brown 4 months ago

    Anyone notice Polly frowns when she sends the explorer out of the lock when you get something wrong? She does it when she gives you the puzzle in the virtual collection game, too. It's like she doesn't like prolonging your missions.

  7. Kevin Broderick 4 months ago

    Kinda interesting that the robot in the music hall can turn into a cello

  8. Hannah Shribman-Brown 4 months ago

    A robot based on Amelia Earhart is completely different to the real thing disappearing. Also, you shouldn't have to cheat on the observatory. The first twelve times,, you just have to go through the zodiac signs in order. The next time you played after this episode, the answer had to be Libra.

  9. Nathan Byberg 4 months ago

    This is such a fun game from my childhood! I had a lot of fun with this game! You are handling this game like a pro! The jumble puzzle in the virtual collection gave me a lot of trouble, but you made it look easy! Well done dude! I am damn impressed!

  10. MWolfL 4 months ago

    I've noticed that quite a few of the inventions/discoveries came from France. France happens to be one of my favorite countries, so I find this awesome. ^^

  11. MWolfL 4 months ago

    "What a night-marinara!"
    I love Botley. XD

  12. Goggles Tigerkhan 4 months ago

    this is more like a speedrun than a walkthrough….

  13. anapolis 4 months ago

    10:33–10:42 lolol

  14. Terestrasz 4 months ago

    54:57 Ah I remember that one


  15. Andrew Crumb 4 months ago

    1:05 The reason the inventor of the first helicopter didn't build it is not because of spilled spaghetti sauce, it's because a big engine to power the helicopter hadn't been invented yet.
    25:28 Frozen worms, ice cream, and cold-water salmon? Yuck! That's disgusting! Breakfast cereal is made of grains.
    52:52 AA Batteries don't make radium glow. It's nuclear energy that makes it glow.
    1:17:59 The first chewing gum wasn't made of super glue, it's made of chicle, a natural tree gum by the ancient Mayans.
    1:40:46 A sad clown on black velvet? That's not right! The first painting were of early animals.

  16. Richard Nimz 4 months ago

    I just love Botley's tone of voice during the Bubblebot mission.

  17. T Lebron 4 months ago

    Mission 1: Helicopter Hullabaloo
    Mission 2: Bungled Breakfast
    Mission 3: Radium’s Return?
    Mission 4: Quite a Mouthful!
    Mission 5: Clowning No More

  18. J.C. The Texas Scratcher 4 months ago

    1:51:18 My favorite moment of the episode!

  19. Guyus the Raptor 4 months ago

    At least one non-Kellogg's game reveals the origin of such well known cereal brand and marks it as the first one of all. Nearly a surreptitous advertising. Copyright disclaimer didn't embellish when it said that there are other trademarks in this game.

  20. PowerRangersFan 4 months ago

    Looks like Leo was a lucky guess for you when rescuing Amelia Airbot.

  21. Mister L 564 4 months ago


    When you realize you messed up and don't have a microphone to express your mistake.

  22. D-Bone Capone 4 months ago

    I found an error the diamond in mission 10, Monty says it shows us WHERE painting was invented but it actually tells us WHO invented painting, the television tells us WHERE

  23. vicki chung 4 months ago

    Does the teacher share the same voice actress as fallout 3 Moira Brown? Sound the same.

  24. Hobo Dawg 4 months ago

    1:23:56 – That's groovy as hell!!

  25. TurboBurn MarkBaron 4 months ago


  26. Elokin 4 months ago

    For some reason I remember the kitchen robot having a more…slavic voice.

  27. MWolfL 4 months ago

    Dang a lot of things were invented during the 1890s. No wonder the 20th century was practically stuffed with progress, the 1890s gave it a head start.

  28. Slashbash 4 months ago

    It is only in my adult years that I realize Polly, with her radium plan, was willing to give people cancer just for kicks.

  29. Blazing Rose Ninja 4 months ago

    Personally I like Botley's singing better than Polly's

  30. Headless Horseman 4 months ago

    Although they are correct about Leonardo da Vinci designing an early version of the helicopter, the first official practical helicopter was designed by Igor Sikorsky and built in 1939 in Stratford, Connecticut. And they're incorrect about the world's first breakfast Cereal, it was actually Granola, invented in the USA in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson
    They forgot to mention that Radium was discovered by both Marie Sklodowska Curie and her husband Pierre Curie. Also, to be more precise in what makes radium glow, is the ionizing radiation emitted by radium bromide exciting nitrogen molecules in the air, making it glow

  31. Steve Traskell 4 months ago

    At 1:11:04, although that is true (Monty Monitor is referring to the Health Information Portability & Accountability Act), that is not why the dentist has to leave the room for your x-ray.  The real reason is it is dangerous for him or her to be exposed to the radiation produced by the x-ray machine, which is also the same reason why you have to wear a lead jacket during the x-ray.

  32. Erik Harford 4 months ago

    My character is Monty Monitor in 14:34, 42:35, 1:07:42, 1:30:37 and 1:57:41.

  33. burningskycloud 4 months ago

    Upon watching this video, I had found a flaw in Polly's plan for using super glue to invent bubble gum. If everybody's mouth was to be closed shut while chewing bubble gum, how exactly would they be able to eat? By no one being able to eat because of the super glue, Polly would cease to exist, leaving only the one robot to roam the world until she ran out of power.

  34. davezdragon 4 months ago

    What's the dish you fed Mort at 33:00?

  35. Andrea Patane 4 months ago

    Amelia Airbot is a play on Amelia Earhart. If you see ♌ the 🦁 in Hercules (Disney version) in the 0️⃣ To Hero number, he'll resemble Scar from The 🦁 King. Pretty kitty if you ask me. 😂! The problem is Disney adapted him from the Neamean 🦁 in Greek mythology. Hey Mr. Eight-Three-One, I roast vegetables in the dual oven every night for dinner. My dad advised me to try it and so I did. I see the "Roast" setting on the dual oven we have at home and use it to cook them nightly. The thing is, I wear black 🦓 print Bebe prescription 👓 to help me see where to find the cooking settings on the oven I have at home which is located in our kitchen.

  36. bob 4 months ago

    damn thanks for doing this
    i remember as a kid i never actually tried to play it story style id just play in whichever room i wanted to play and saved like 2 robots lmao….i remember being baffled that the game wanted me to save 25…..

  37. Alexander Ip 4 months ago

    Cold seafood and anowids

  38. Kyleigh Hemmingson 4 months ago

    thank you for bringing back the good ole days with this game 🙂

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