Mandy Blows up Plane in first episode of 24

At the very start of the series we get a hint of one of the first villains – Mandy. She of course becomes quite prominent in future seasons. You can tell they were really stretching it with the split screen in this episode.

Clip From – 24 S1 EP01

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  1. Pontus Ekholm 4 months ago

    This scene is perfectly paced, perfectly acted, perfectly composed with the angles and the timer, unexpected, the character is cool … everything about it is just perfect!

  2. HB 4 months ago

    Writer David Fury revealed during a Comic-Con 2009 interview that at one point Mandy was to be Tony Almeida's accomplice in Season 7. They decided to use a new character, Cara Bowden instead.

    Joel Surnow revealed that once again, Mandy was set to return to the series, this time as the assassin who plotted to kill President Omar Hassan. A new character, Davros, was used instead. Howard Gordon said "Mandy always came up a bunch of times, but unfortunately, it felt like a sensational move. We chose not to go down that path."

  3. Cytron1515 4 months ago

    Mandy is a cold hearted callous bitch. Killing hundreds of innocent people just to steal an ID. Can't believe she's still alive and out there.

  4. Life in the 413 4 months ago

    This was the reason the start of 24 was delayed. Just a bit too soon after 9/11.

  5. VanillaLimeCoke 4 months ago


    Mandy has some problems.

    She should know better.

    Wish they’d bring her back and then kill her off.

    I did so in a fan fiction story I wrote.

  6. Zach D 4 months ago

    Who does Mandy work for? I’ve watched all 8 seasons and couldn’t determine who she works for

  7. Paul Osang jnr 4 months ago

    It is dangerous when a beautiful woman smiles at you.

  8. JSolar590 4 months ago

    Don't trust women!!

  9. Secret Guy 4 months ago

    This has to be the darkest/coldest moment in 24. Blowing up a plane full of people just to steal an ID.

  10. Cytron1515 4 months ago

    And this cold hearted bitch us still at large in the 24 universe., unbelievable. When is someone gonna straight up kill this evil demon?

  11. G-Dub 85 4 months ago

    Breaking Bad and 24 my favorite shows

  12. Imaad Shahrukh 4 months ago

    Mandy is very similar to Fiona Volpe from the James Bond movie Thunderball.

  13. Koki F 4 months ago

    Season 1 is almost 20 years old. Talk about feeling old….😕😕

  14. Skoots 4 months ago

    She stole that poor dude’s identity and gave it to some type of terrorist that tried taking out Palmer.

  15. Stephen Cooper 4 months ago

    She was underused .loved her badass

  16. VanillaLimeCoke 4 months ago

    Is it me….or does she sort of look like Renee Walker at 1:50 ??

  17. VanillaLimeCoke 4 months ago

    This was supposed to be aired in September 2001 or October 2001, but because of the 9/11/2001 attacks…..they decided to hold off awhile on it…..especially since she blew a plane up.

  18. HB 4 months ago


  19. Alessandro Reni 4 months ago

    Mandy is so sexy

  20. Plant Seed 4 months ago

    I'm sure there are easier ways to steal someone's ID than blowing up a plane full of people?

  21. Steven Morris 4 months ago

    Why did she blow up the plane. Wouldn't David know that the photographer died in that plane and use his disguise. Wouldn't David know that he died on that plane? I watched this show after so many years ago.

    Why go through all that trouble. Is she sending a message to the LA people and getting the news wild up about the plane explosion crash?

  22. Umair Khan 4 months ago

    She should be main villain of season 10

  23. esrapk 4 months ago

    so GOOD!

  24. Isaac WEAPON 4 months ago

    The bitchest bitch in the series who never get punished

  25. OarsmanPower 4 months ago

    That chick’s just as evil as Nina Myers…

  26. Youtube banned David Icke for exposing Covid19 Hoax 4 months ago

    Not gonna lie: that was cool.

  27. Ben Wasserman 4 months ago

    I can’t tell if it was bad timing or cultural relevance that 24’s pilot was aired immediately in the wake of 9/11

  28. Brian Ore 4 months ago

    I'd have to watch the season again, but is it explained how Palmer's event staff allowed access to a photographer that was supposed to have died in a plane crash earlier that day? Or was he just let in because he had the ID and no one really thought to ask questions?

  29. macantonioc 4 months ago

    I wonder if they ever knew she blew up the plane. It was never brought up again in the show.

  30. Ali Kay 4 months ago

    This plane explosion was rarely, if at all, mentioned throughout the rest of the season because they filmed the episode and literally a week or something later 9/11 happened.

  31. liverpoolfan4life1 4 months ago

    Sexy badass

  32. Robert Morgan 4 months ago

    Mandy was always such a badass.

  33. Armando L. 4 months ago

    Was that Fabio sitting behind Martin Belkin?

  34. medic6817 4 months ago


  35. MetalSmasherGaming 4 months ago

    Great way to start off the series! Mandy was awesome.

  36. william hickey 4 months ago

    do you remember Mindy

  37. Evan Monroe 4 months ago

    Mandy and Aaron Pierce are two of the best characters in 24. What the show did which was genius was set them up and only give us small parts with them. We didn't see Mandy meet Jack until Day 4, and Aaron didn't draw his weapon until Day 5. Love both characters love this show.

  38. Andrew Hsieh 4 months ago

    The first ever 24 plot twist that got me hyped!

  39. Rick Jankowski 4 months ago

    fun fact Mia Kirshner is a crazy feminist in real life lol .She will never return to 24 because she got mad at Carlos Bernard because of a prank .

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