Princess Principal (2017) – Anime Review

👍🏻Seatactics reviews the Sumer 2017 anime, Princess Principal by Studio Actas and Studio 3Hz. See if the anime lives up to the talk around it. Also, will it get a Season 2? Remember to subscribe and never miss a video, and give this video a thumbs up to show support.

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The stage is set during the 19th century London, in its capital where a wall divides the east and west of the Kingdom of Albion. Five high school girls, who enrolled in the prestigious Queens May Fair School, are involved in spy activities that involve disguise, infiltration, car chase, and more. These girls take advantage of their special abilities and fly around the shadow world.

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  1. Mimishi 4 months ago

    Well they announced the second season 😀

  2. Lorenzo Benjamin 4 months ago

    Really man… the car😂. You did say nit pick though

  3. moisture max 4 months ago

    I seriously wonder why this anime didn’t get much attention

  4. Matthew Lucas 4 months ago

    I gave the anime like a 7.5/10

  5. monocle 4 months ago

    I thought Ange would be a tsundere or kuudere if she acts open but I was wrong. Ange really is a fascinating character.

  6. British Jack 4 months ago

    just to let you know the C-ball doesn't make her bullet proof it messes with gravity letting her move faster then a normal human so she can dodge bullets

  7. artfire28 4 months ago

    From the creator of Code Geass comes an underrated anime. Saw episode 1 from AX 2017 and I was blown away how good it was. Definitely needs a season 2.

  8. Akemi Homura 4 months ago

    This was far more entertaining than i expected. the adorable cast was fun to watch and it even got a bit emotional at times.
    one thing i disliked a bit was in the first half how it went back in time several times.and they don't even tell you.
    i was fine with the first episode starting when the group was together. but after that i did not like them doing it.
    the ending was lacking as well.

    this was a nice experience i would recommend.

    Whats wrong with this
    Arranged marriage

    one of the spies father died last episode and it jumps to something else without even a reaction…

    The times when guns without silencers are fired and you wonder why it doesn't attract attention.

    they did not accomplish the main goal of tearing down the walls.or even make any progress to that.

  9. Akemi Homura 4 months ago

    still haven't watch this.
    cute girls and spies. what can go wrong?! 😀

  10. Ak W 4 months ago


  11. Raivost Ravi 4 months ago

    I really enjoyed this anime. I never thought a cute girl doing not so cute things anime can become one of my favourite anime, if not my favourite one. I agree with your opinions, especial the one about the episodes order, it was confusing, but it was an interesting approach. I will rewatch it in chronological order because I want to see if this will become my favourite anime or not. I really like the score and I really hope this will get a second season. Thanks for doing this review.

  12. MaliceInWonderland 4 months ago

    MIGHT INCLUDE SPOILERS I have finished this series couple hours ago and so i'm watching your review just now since i like to form my own opinions first 🙂 now to get to the point: I do agree with you that characters were done pretty well and the animation is one of the better ones this season, however what horribly bugs me is the (although relatively low) number of technical nonsense gadgets for example the grapling hook guns that simply generates dozens of meters of wire out of nowhere, the car and mainly the C-Ball (which is the only one that really anoyed me – gravity deniing toys? CMON!), and the second one is the same kind of problem i have with "Gakkougurashi!" and that is i just dont fell stories like this cannot have happy ends, as they feel unreal and fabricated to me (yea yea i'm sucker for bad ends blame godfather for that) andat the end i have another show to recommend to you SeaTactics and that is "Phantom: Requiem for phantom" which you could say is going around similiar topic (assassins instead of spyes and our world instead of victorian steampunk england) but thats about it today. PS: keep it up 😀

  13. Lachlan animecat 4 months ago

    Princess Principal is a huge hit in Japan. So a second season is very likely.

  14. Rising Sun Reviews 4 months ago

    I haven't seen much of this but I really am excited to see more of it. If anything, the uniqueness of the setting and story makes me want to see more.

    I'm hoping the non-linear plot will end up working. It feels like it could be hard to get into the show without the cohesive story. Though if it comes together in the end maybe it could work.

    Yuki Kajura did the score here…I didn't know this, but it seems like her style would fit perfectly with this type of story.

    When you first said that it could be anime of the year for many, I didn't think it could be for me, but then I remembered that all the shows I've loved so far have ended incomplete, so I can't count them for the best of the year. Then again, if you say that this needs another season too, that means I'll have to skip over this for top anime of the year too.

  15. WhoTurian- YT 4 months ago

    accept my steam fr from old man wilson XD

  16. Garfiel 4 months ago

    this could very well be anime of the year for me unless something comes out in autumn, so far it's either this or dragon maid for me

    but great review, it flowed really nicely too i thought

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