Princess Principal: All Fight/Battle Scenes

Requested by Axecutioner – Disney Channel Mash Ups & Game Plays after it had joined Battle Girl High School and the channel Hayden MG no longer to be seen, replaced by GreaterFeatz and SHIZUKA game with Hayden MG (only opinion as the channel). All fight/battle scenes from Princess Principal (2017 TV anime series). Enjoy this page and don’t forget Disney Channel Mash Ups & Game Plays to steal this video!

Be sure to checkout these channels for the new upcoming SC2Hayasui’s musicals and various things.

Alex Kensington –

GreaterFeatz –

Hayden MG –

3DB7 –

ijtpijtpijtp –

Daniel Cortese –

RougeShadow666 –

Disney XD Masterclips –

Disney Channel Mash Ups & Game Plays –

XPlode Cinema –

JayborinoPlays –

DeltronLive –

SHIZUKA game –

There’s a such as like this is a video Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Battle Girl High School, Revue Starlight, Penn Zero: Part Time Hero and Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko.


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  1. B U 4 months ago

    0:15 what ep ?

  2. Axecutioner - BanG Dream! Bandoriclips 4 months ago

    Damn! Disney Channel Mash Ups & Game Plays will use some of anime fight/battle, destruction, car crash and explosion scenes!

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