Princess Principal – Review and Discussion w/ Fuminsho

Included are a non-spoiler review/discussion and a spoiler section, so hopefully this video is accessible to even people who haven’t seen the series yet and encourages them to check it out!

Join Fuminsho and I as we review and discuss the entirety of the series Princess Principal! Coming off of Flip Flappers from last year, Studio 3hz continues delivering that greatness, I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Music used:
Princess Principal OP – The Other Side of the Wall by Void_Chords feat. MARU (
Princess Principal ED – A Page of My Story by Ange (Ayaka Imamura), Princess (Akira Sekine), Dorothy (You Taichi), Beatrice (Akari Kageyama), Chise (Nozomi Furuki) (

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  1. PhenomSage 4 months ago

    Ayyyy here are some nifty timestamps for anyone wanting to skip around this near hour long video to listen to whichever part you want.

    Non-Spoiler Section

    The Characters | 3:28
    Episodic Nature | 6:00
    The Animation | 8:37
    Background Art | 14:22
    The Music | 16:14
    The Story | 19:35
    The Action | 23:53

    Episodic Nature | 27:22
    The Final Arc | 30:00
    Overarching Story | 32:23

    Spoiler Section | 38:24

    Closing Thoughts | 54:16

  2. derf 213 4 months ago

    I absolutely loved this show. I came into it with low expectations and was blown away. I think what keept me so engaged is that I was constantly questioning and second guessing myself through the show. I guessed the twists with Ange and Charlotte the episode before it happened and that was fun. Especially throughout the first half of the season I was always asking "is that Ange or Charlotte" and just doubting the show overall. The first episode taught me to not believe anything and that's what really kept me engaged.

  3. Heartgear One 4 months ago

    Episodes 11 and 12 are labelled as cases 23 and 24 so season 2 will probably fill in the gaps

  4. Katie D Johnson 4 months ago

    I agree. Dorothy is best girl; forever. Near the top of my waiful list, lol.

  5. 1jo98 4 months ago

    Just finished and im so glad there is a hour discussion about it from u

  6. SKulffyyy 4 months ago

    Finally watched all of this beautiful man's videos that I adore and I'm happy I left this one for the end (made me rewatch the anime and made me more sad that it didn't got as much attention as made in abyss :/ ) Love you man ! 🙂

  7. Kin Wa Li 4 months ago

    A 6-part film sequel has been announced! Out in 2019!

  8. Akemi Homura 4 months ago

    This was far more entertaining than i expected. the adorable cast was fun to watch and it even got a bit emotional at times.
    one thing i disliked a bit was in the first half how it went back in time several times.and they don't even tell you.
    i was fine with the first episode starting when the group was together. but after that i did not like them doing it.
    the ending was lacking as well.

    this was a nice experience i would recommend.

    Whats wrong with this
    Arranged marriage

    one of the spies father died last episode and it jumps to something else without even a reaction…

    The times when guns without silencers are fired and you wonder why it doesn't attract attention.

    they did not accomplish the main goal of tearing down the walls.or even make any progress to that.

  9. Takatora Toudou 4 months ago

    Wish this show gets more love and attention. It reminds me of the old Gunslinger Girl which I also love.

    Speaking of which, do you play the Princess Principal game?

  10. The Joshua James Bell Show 4 months ago

    It is hinted at in Episode 10 that all the girls that where in the faim with Dorothy and Ange are probably died when they go missing

  11. The Joshua James Bell Show 4 months ago

    I want a season 2 of princess principal there where all of episodes missing so I am hoping for a second season and my favorite female character in this series is Dorothy Best girl

  12. Verkili 4 months ago

    I think this show really went under the radar for two reasons:

    1. Amazon snatched it up, which limited its viewership big league

    2. The show's title makes it sound like a high-school shoujo romcom. There were quite a few people on r/anime who instantly dismissed the show solely because of the title.

  13. Nautil Niemy 4 months ago

    Baccano style

  14. walid 4 months ago

    did you watch kakegurui is pretty good

  15. Genxun 4 months ago

    Alright, it's not everything but here's as much as I can bother to remember watching the whole thing over again. lol
    I heard that the story was written for the episodes to air in "the order that best supported their character development" or something like that, but I don't have a source for that unfortunately.
    I find it fun to know that Studio 3Hz was founded by someone/people from Kinema Citrus, and those two studios go on to make the best 2 shows this season.
    Nearly all of the Reactors/Reviewers start out hating Beatrice, but eventually they warm up to her. But then most of them go on to complain about how annoying Chise is, and I don't understand where all the hate for her is coming from. 🙁
    Easily Best OP of the year so far. It won /r/anime's OP tournament, beating out Kakegurui in the final round.
    The things that supprised me the most was people pullng the trigger when you're expecting them no to. Prefect pulling the trigger without intervention, And Ange pulling the trigger in episodes 1 and 12. I was sure the gun was going to get shot out of Prefect's hand like what usually happens in those situations. Ange is a little more supprising, episode 1 is only a supprise because you don't know what to expect from Ange's character yet, but is an understandable outcome considering the current curcumstances relating to the mission when you think about it, but episode 12 was practically in cold blood, she hadn't been characterized as someone who would kill unnecessisarily out of anger. Especially when that person is only tantgentialy related to her anger.
    The way the last episode was going I was getting worried that Ange, Charlotte, or both of them were going to get shot by Zelda or someone when they were gently floating away havin their heartfelt confession as some kind of tragic ending to go full circle matching the tone set at the end of episode 1 when Ange killed the defector.
    I didn't have a problem with the isolated nature of the characters back storys personally.

    To respond to the problem you had with the way they handeled Dorothy's. Maybe I'm misremembering but, from what I understood, Dorothy never found out her father was killed. She wasn't going to stick around to wonder why he never came home that night, and I'd bet she wouldn't put it past him to have gotten drunk enough to have passed out somewhere before ever making it to the bar. And I don't feel like their relation ship was mended to the point where she would come back and check on him periodicly anyway, so who knows how long it would have taken her to find out he was dead on her own, probably years, if ever.

    As far as I remember Gazelle's team didn't know he was Dorothy's father in the fist place, his relationship to her as far as it related to the mission was purely incedental. Not to mention The Duke of Normandy's intel did not include the Principal Team's identities. And even if they did, I think I would have rolled my eyes if someone gloated about because it would just come across some chiche villian moustache twirling since this doesn't feel like that kind of show.

  16. Genxun 4 months ago

    Well I"m fucking pissed… >:
    49 minutes into this typing up my usual wall of text… and my half of town loses power for 20 minutes. Let's see how much of this I can remember and/or am willing to re-do… fuck me.

  17. walid 4 months ago

    ange is best girl

  18. walid 4 months ago

    i hour review that a lot

  19. - Na 4 months ago

    You gotta learn about the name Okouchi Ichiro. (Who's responsible for writing part/full story of Guilty Crown, Valvrave and Kabaneri etc., if you watched any) He used to try so hard to create dark and deep stories but often ended up as absolutely pretentious and cheesy cringe materials. However, Princess Principal still ended up great. I believe the main reason is that it is episodic. In the past Okouchi always lost control of the story half way and the plot went complete nuts because he tried so hard to write everything in. In an episodic series you can't really go too much out of control because it starts this episode and ends in this episode, so no more crazy roller-coaster like experience. There were some minor mistakes and drawbacks of the anime, but not fatal enough to make it a bad plot.

    This season I like both Made in Abyss and Princess Principal, they have cool characters and high production quality. They're pretty much in different genres and not a lot in similarities so I'm not going to compare. But one thing worth mentioning is the staff behind these two shows (Kinema Citrus and Studio 3Hz) is somewhat related. You may have a look if interested, should be just one Google search away.

    Out of all the characters I particularly like Ange (or "Charlotte" in that case?). She always had a seemingly emotionless poker face, yet she's just not showing it and in my opinion the more complex in character personality than of the main roles. You can see her urge to fulfill Princess's wish through her emotionless face. She's probably the one reacted most in her mind when getting the order to assassinate the Princess yet she's not showing it. I really like her as protagonist. I hope they get married in the end. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Fuminsho 4 months ago

    Thanks for having me on board for this discussion! I had a blast!

  21. Imp Salazarth 4 months ago

    I should watch this. Any other good anime besides this and MiA? And where can I see them? I do have Anime Strike

  22. Nick Victory Fire 4 months ago

    This all anime from the story the action the fights and etc, it was freaking good and i like it.
    The characters each of the 5 girls in the was having some special and uniqe
    OP & ED and each song & music they put in this anime was so good
    Hope they give to this anime a season 2

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