Ranking Every Jumpstart Commander | Which Jumpstart Legends are the Best?

Ranking every commander from JUmpstart! Where do they fit in our overall ranking of commanders?

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Ever wake up at 3 am in a cold sweat wondering who the best commander from Jumpstart is? How about the worst commander from Jumpstart? Where do all these commanders rank in the grand scheme of things, anyway? You can stop your worrying now, because we have all your answers right here! Let us know who your Jumpstart favorites are!

“Digital Lemonade”
Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Rob L 4 months ago

    Hot take goblins are the most intelligent creature type. They are the only creature type that can manipulate machines and has a sense of humor

  2. Scott Hensley 4 months ago

    The mil commander is awesome.

  3. Olivier Allard-Ruel 4 months ago

    Nice little support for obscur tribes like minotor, unicorn, dijnn and skeleton!

  4. clanechelon 4 months ago

    I'm so glad commander is a social format, you can just spit in the face of every tiny bone player and tell them to go play solitaire elsewhere XD. I get Wizard was trying to come up with a brand new commander, but god is discarding annoying. At least tiny bones is a wincon by himself not dragging the game too long or forcing people to just surrender. I still hate it at lot.

  5. Sam Consumes Pie 4 months ago

    This is my fight bear

  6. Roland Schulz 4 months ago

    overall ranking on this video is 3 of 10.. coolness is probably minus 7.. never ever again

  7. beans_n_egg 4 months ago

    Joe Cherries – Loves Chad <3
    Beezy – Loves Pizza <3


  8. dlollolb 4 months ago

    Kels sacrificing others to gain indestructible is literally using people as human shields. "You, get in front of me and take a bullet for me! Or a lightning bolt, whatever."

  9. Elliot Sponsler 4 months ago

    Slipping a loophole past Bruvac : Now you gonna have to go 1 on 1 wit da Undertaker

  10. dragon ball talk 4 months ago

    I wanted to see big cards clear on my tv but instead I got tiny unreadable cards and both u guys please stop. Why are your old vids good and new ones bad. U guys are narrator's narrate

  11. Revelmonger 4 months ago

    "Pulling a Kobe"

  12. Jacob Barrow 4 months ago

    im verry excited for jumpstart!

  13. tornadojoe87 4 months ago

    damn i hope i hit some goodies in the jumpstart box when it arrives 🙂

  14. SunTitan 44 4 months ago

    Can’t wait to crush tiny bones decks in the wild doesn’t seem that good to me

  15. Cpt. Kiwi 4 months ago

    woof, 1 for coolness on minotaurs…. that seems biased. shockingly low score overall for the hurloon dude.

    uniqueness for inniaz seems too low, there Aren't many skies commanders, and the ability to blow everything around is extremely unique.

  16. Cyberium 4 months ago

    My vote goes to Inniaz, then Zurzoth. Inniaz's manipulation is highly disruptive, while Zurzoth is subtly doing anti-blue stuff.

    I think you're selling Zurzoth short here. Instead of trying to make a Devil tribal for Zurzoth, I'd make a force draw deck instead, ranking up effects like Temple Bell, Mikokoro, Geier Reach Sanitarium, etc, so you get to make three extra devils each turn against a full table, not to mention disrupting opponents' strategy repeatedly. With damage amplifiers like Torbran, Fiery Emancipation, , each devil would hit a lot more than the default 1 damage. Add Goblin Bombardment so you can start pinpointing cannons at your targets.

  17. Work Youtube 4 months ago

    PSA: Drugs do NOT make you invincible.

  18. Work Youtube 4 months ago

    I appreciate the "long-game-text-joke"; it's just not that great of a joke…

  19. J K 4 months ago

    I feel like a saying could just be topical… did we just become best friends and I need an adult get shouted often and everyone involved is still alive

  20. J Raynor 4 months ago

    I think I got burned out on previews because I didn't even know half of these existed. Love the video, as always.

  21. Z4T3K 4 months ago

    Nice job yet again.. I think you guys would make a real cool deck tech on Inniaz with the way you were talking it up. Seemed headed in some sorta fliers / extra turns tribal or something.

  22. Corvo Attano 4 months ago

    Ormos is Wa Shi Tong of MTG

  23. ATTACK KATAKA 4 months ago

    I think kels gets indestructible from the sac ability because she’s paying the one mana to a fighter to take a fall so she is protected I guess and then she draws a card from her winning the bet for the fight.

  24. Devon Richards 4 months ago

    Thumbed up for "take back my life…….bear"

  25. ATTACK KATAKA 4 months ago

    A saying about a person who’s still alive: what’s Obama’s last name

  26. crovax 13 4 months ago

    Of the jumpstart commanders I think that Zurzoth is the most interesting one to me, because random discard effects can be very disruptive to combo players

  27. Paulina Ruiz 4 months ago

    Tiny Bones and their Tiny family is the best thing Ive ever heard

  28. Sapient9 4 months ago

    Let’s jumpstart those algorithms

  29. Benjamin Carter 4 months ago

    Often Emiel + Dockside = Infinite Mana = Infinite Blink

  30. Max Shatz 4 months ago

    I was worried the rapid release of content would make these videos repetitive, but you've really slipped a loophole past Bruvac in keeping them interesting!

  31. Ben Berol 4 months ago

    I guess I'll take 4th

  32. CommanderCrom 4 months ago

    Looks like you guys are out of the basement now, good job!

  33. Work Youtube 4 months ago

    2nd? Nice.

  34. Kenneth Dixon III 4 months ago

    Yo, Am I actually first? That never happens.

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