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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) Review

The Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is the successor to one of the more popular cheap phones out there: the J5 (2016).

And while it retains the form factor and some key specs — an equally-sized 5.2-inch HD display and just 16 GB of on board storage — it gets rid of the plastic build in favor of a sturdier, metal design and it adds essential features like a fingerprint scanner.

Read our detailed J5 (2017) review here:

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  1. Mario Batinić 29 mins ago

    Still using in 2020. The only problem is memory (16GB), and resolution. Battery gets me trught the day with 15% left. Still great phone for the price.

  2. Mario Batinić 29 mins ago

    Still using it! And its great! And its stupid that he is comparing it to flagships!

  3. Fresh Doggo 29 mins ago


  4. Mona Lisa on Weed 29 mins ago

    Why are you comparing a mid range phone to flagships? Of course it can't compete because it's not in the same class as higher end phones. Mid range phones are designed to give you semi premium features in a affordable phone.

  5. Hidjc Sdojcsjos 29 mins ago

    Im getting this in 2019 not gonna be dissapoited no matter what

  6. Stranger Sarah 29 mins ago

    I 've got J5😂😂😂

  7. Rontez Williams 29 mins ago

    Where can u get this phone from please?!!!!

  8. Ya boy Jeff 29 mins ago

    I'm watching on the same couler and same phone that's in the video lol

  9. Luca Welch 29 mins ago

    Nova launcher a cool skin and you’re good to go

  10. YoungStr 29 mins ago

    Watching the J5 review in a J5…

  11. LeoBoss_Gameros YT 29 mins ago

    Exynos procesors are good but those ones are weaker like i got exynos 7870 procesor 1.59ghz and 8 cores

  12. Shiki Uhrik 29 mins ago

    I have a J5 and I love it

  13. Adrenaline rush 29 mins ago

    Hi Phonearena. Where did you get the song for this review video ?

  14. LEGEND KING 29 mins ago

    this Mobile fall now display black day by day but this phone is so much better it's not off

  15. uh idk 29 mins ago

    I got my in black

  16. Мултьфилмдер казакша 29 mins ago


  17. The Young Noble Of Fury 29 mins ago

    Huawei y7 2018 or Samsung galaxy j5 2017

  18. Marcos J 29 mins ago

    One of the worst reviews on this phone ive seen thus far! on youtube!

  19. Piperschannel xD 29 mins ago

    Watching this on my j5

  20. GamingLive 29 mins ago

    Good phone. Graphics could be better. Bout the same as my old phone. Keeps crashing. Camera takes why to long to focus. 8/10

  21. Edo Brca 29 mins ago

    why new softwer?

  22. Maya Tribe 29 mins ago

    What I'm so confused about is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 also has a 13 megapixel camera and yet it's

  23. Chhori Gujarati 29 mins ago

    Create your

  24. Marek Kaya 29 mins ago

    Watching this on j5 2017 it is not laggy i can tell from experience also we got upgraded to 8.1.0 and the camera is great just lies

  25. GksHighfalutinTube Experiences 29 mins ago

    Do you say wick instead of which 😕😕

  26. GhostYoutube 29 mins ago

    I think they got same specs with Samsung galaxy j4 plus

  27. Kourtney Kardashian 29 mins ago

    It sucks dont get it😡 it lags all the time every single app closes android keeps shuting down no space but i have only instagram on and 3 pictures no music nothing get an s or iPhone or note what ever just not the j series🤦🏽‍♂️

  28. Ghostile 29 mins ago

    your accent gives me a head ache and your really slow to get to the point.

  29. Pyrs 29 mins ago

    Selling this excellent budget phone for less than £130, almost 30% off retail price!


  30. Akram Menla mahmoud 29 mins ago

    Fuck your experience how could you say that a 14 nanometer cpu with advanced finfet technology does not look power enough?
    Of course you will find some lack but i think that lack is considered the lowest in a smartphone of this price range
    You are definitely an aristocratic.

  31. Leah T 29 mins ago

    I hate it

  32. Leah T 29 mins ago

    I have this phone and it's absolutely rubbish

  33. Jitender Jitender 29 mins ago

    vellaram Rana

  34. MikiGameplays 29 mins ago

    is this mobile still worth in 2018 ? Or should i give like 40$ more and buy J6 2018 ?

  35. KissB6002 Park 29 mins ago

    How do i turn on the touch keys of galaxy J5? Thanks.

  36. 8233Eire 29 mins ago

    Just cannot understand your (ENGLISH???) accent. Sorry.

  37. Tautvydas Nomeika 29 mins ago

    Watching on j5

  38. nvm0 29 mins ago

    the sound quality of this phone is absolutely brutal. Badass phone and not too expensive. Worth buying

  39. yorkemar 29 mins ago

    the only thing is I have not been able to blutooth my contacts from my previous phone…..

  40. Mohammed Al Nayeem 29 mins ago

    After a year of having this phone I have to say that the storage is by far the biggest problem (16GB)

  41. Sinan Mamed 29 mins ago

    i use j5 pro . perfect phone

  42. Dawood 29 mins ago

    You sound like the airplane instruction video

  43. Xander RoK 29 mins ago

    Is it good for gaming???

  44. Paddy Smout 29 mins ago

    I am also watching this with the j5………

    2015 edition.

  45. Duško Jowčewski 29 mins ago

    Is that good phone for facebook, fb page menager instagram and some + app, and how many gb i can add there?

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