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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier: Why Not Galaxy Watch?

When looking at the Gear S3 vs. Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch is an amazing device but the Gear S3 Frontier feels like a better value considering the price point. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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  1. Shane Symonds 4 months ago

    What smartwatch are you currently using? Are you considering the Gear S3 or Galaxy Watch? Let me know!

  2. 파란액자 감독 4 months ago


  3. Abraham Sagrero 4 months ago

    You guys know… Samsung it's way better than Apple…

  4. Jay 05 4 months ago

    This was so helpful. Thank you!

  5. Foxy 4 months ago

    I still got my frontier and its been through hell and back and its still good

  6. Aliza Rizvi 4 months ago

    Please give reviews for gear 2

  7. Phil Nolan 4 months ago

    I'm still happy with mine in 2020.

  8. Fylosofy 4 months ago

    I have both this version and the classic but I find myself wearing my frontier more often because of the look.

  9. Neil Brown 4 months ago

    As A smart watch its ok but as a sports watch its rubbish as soon as you start to sweat the heart rate monitor stops working! more so when cycling

  10. Herb Falk 4 months ago

    How to insert the battery

  11. iUsama 4 months ago

    Don’t like gear  watch is best.

  12. Albert Schultz 4 months ago

    Note, that the Galaxy Watch does NOT come with the Magnetic Strip Transmission or MST, that simulates the card swiping. The old Gear S3, has the MST feature, which allows users to swipe their cards virtually using the MST feature.

  13. Krystian Drzal 4 months ago

    Now with the new one in 1.5 I'm using it more again

  14. Mr JDM 4 months ago

    i bought the gear s3 frontier because i think it looks better and i dont mind if its a bit worse its a smartwatch so it should look good and have good software

  15. Kristine Faith Ocampo 4 months ago

    is gear s3 compatible with ios devices? thanks

  16. Heel 4 months ago

    Totally off-topic, but I went to school with a kid named Shayne Simonds. lmao

  17. Igor Zimaev 4 months ago

    Hello, thank you for the video. I’m working on an application for my S3 Frontier and I updated OS Tizen from 3.1 to 4.0. Is that update you have mentioned? Could you please check your Tizen version?

  18. Ilhan Tele 4 months ago

    I'm using this in 2020. It's perfect

  19. GeoBelt 4 months ago

    THIS WATCH LOOK FREAKING BOOKING FROKING FREAKING AMAZINGGGGGGG i will buy after 1 minth for my birthday i love ittt 😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Mike Hog A Nator 4 months ago

    Shit, I want a Frontier but a new one on Amazon as of this Date in 2020 is $350!

  21. Francis Guidera 4 months ago

    My issue is that these watches run Tizen. Have they not learned from others? I literally am not buying either because of the reports that the Bixby voice recognition is terrible.

  22. Orlando 4 months ago

    Close to 3 years with mine. I have gone swimming with it. Only a few scratches on the paint. Screen still perfect 👌

  23. antOk hornesharT 4 months ago

    Great useful review dude, Thank you

  24. Antonio Edson R. 4 months ago

    It is have a google maps?

  25. Sajid Ashraf 4 months ago

    From were we get this.?

  26. BD4BOY 4 months ago

    Youre meant to wear a watch on your left, not a big deal but youre reviewing a watch, get it right. Fuming

  27. Master Winde 4 months ago

    my gears s3 has no battetilife anymore, and thats becuse the age on battery, and software upgrades, nothing to do, so yes, new watch.

  28. Frozen Thunder 4 months ago

    Plz reply, Can u receive and make calls from other android phones with this watch??

  29. Vladimir Ll. Aguilar 4 months ago

    I do like my Samsung gear S3 Frontier, but sometimes lost conection with the phone, Xiamo mi 9, looking for an update to fix it. Would you do a video with best apps for the gear s3 frontier?

  30. THE SANT JORDI GOLF SOCIETY Adrian Cox 4 months ago

    Battery life max 20 hours then 4 on charge. Useless. Fitbit versa 2 gets 6 days.

  31. Alex Alejandre 4 months ago

    The Galaxy watch is way Better BUT I liked the All black Look and spikey looking Bezel. The new one is Lighter, lasts day longer, and water proofing is way better. It's a no brainer.

  32. Serdar Yilmaz 4 months ago

    You can totally go swimming with the frontier. Just don't go scuba diving.

  33. Sloane SB 4 months ago

    Im using miband 3… cuz cant afford to buy samsung smartwatch 😅 but once someone gift me s3, i will ditch my phone 😁

  34. superfriends 4 months ago

    Is there any way to pair the phone to the watch if the touch screen of the watch doesnt work? It seem it requires the touch screen to move forward with pairing.

  35. cantaci bc 4 months ago

    Excellent purchase👀>imgs.love/SamsungS3?ї    very pleased with my watch, although it already has a few months of use still works very well.

  36. Smart Home 4 months ago

    Because s3 doesnt have sim card slot. Watch for 20 dolars have, gs3 no. Semiproduct

  37. Petar Efremov 4 months ago

    Were l can buy that watch

  38. Ulasada 4 months ago

    What’s your watch face name ?

  39. Sid B 4 months ago

    Is this 46 mm ?

  40. Sonia Farooq 4 months ago

    I think that samsung gear s3 is better than a apple watch

  41. Harsh Khadde 4 months ago

    0:32 which phone is it !?

  42. Michael Kirchberg 4 months ago

    outstanding auditory information disclosure.. I'm still fuzzy on the differences between what I believe to be the 2 different but similar watches, i.e Galaxy / S3, and or S3 or ???, maybe I missed something.. sorry. but otherwise,, great info and the way it was spoken. you're easy to listen to and understand based on tone, rate of speech and articulation,, thanks.

  43. Max Wilder 4 months ago

    I just bought a Galaxy Frontier. I like it so far.
    The only issue I have is with the step counter counting hand movements like petting my dog, etc.
    Other than that, it is fantastic and lasts about 3 days on one 2hr charge.
    I can't wait to get my S20 that i have on order, it is also coming with free Galaxy Buds!

  44. trojanwar2 4 months ago

    Do you know if the watch faces that are already purchased fro the Gear 3 compatible with the newer Galaxy Watch?

  45. Ilhan Tele 4 months ago

    I brought this in 2020 and love it. Beautiful watch

  46. MrVidification 4 months ago

    Nice, but I'll stick to my traditional watch with no need to charge or swap until two years rather than two days. For now anyway – I've noticed some are now marketed as being wholly powered by the body-wrist heat of the wearer

  47. Maykel Mobiel 4 months ago

    Bought mine 2 months ago. Should have bought it much sooner. Compared it to other (newer) watches but my Frontier still cuts it.

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