Sasha Banks Reunites w/ Bayley & Shows Off Purple Hair + Mandy Rose Clears Room For Selfies – WWE IG

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Sasha Banks hairstyle and color has been something that wwe fans have been paying close attention to during her time away from wwe. Sasha Banks got rid of her signature purple hair and turned her hair into a natural color. Well most recently, Sasha Banks was during some filming for WWE’s next video game, WWE 2K20, and she had on a purple wig which she showed off on her Instagram. Sasha Banks also reunited with her partner Bayley earlier this week as well. This video also follows Mandy Rose as she clears out the WWE locker room for her selfies as well as getting pass the security. What are your thoughts on today’s video? Leave your comments and don’t forget to Subscribe with notifications on! Thanks for Watching!

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  1. Jessica Mixon 4 months ago

    I love Sasha banks

  2. Barsha Mahunta 4 months ago

    please Sasha banks back

  3. super cena fan 4 months ago

    Sasha banks Legit lazy

  4. bbyicebearr 4 months ago

    Yes sasha!!!!

  5. bbyicebearr 4 months ago

    Freaking Mandy being so mean to ember

  6. Taria Brittian 4 months ago

    I miss Liv 💗👅

  7. Seth Freakin Rollins 4 months ago

    Danilo is a WWE referee right?

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