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Season 1: MEGA MANSIONS of MIAMI! | Luxury TV

EXCLUSIVE FULL SEASON 1 of LUXURY TV (part 1) featuring some of Miami’s most premier estates and million dollar super car collections — from South Beach to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach to see some of the most private and luxurious waterfront houses and hotel resorts!

W Fort Lauderdale
Art Ft Lauderdale
Rosie O’Donnell’s new NYC Penthouse
W South Beach
Miami Music Week
The Wharf opening
Heineken experience
NFL Player properties around South Florida
Most Expensive Penthouse suites in Miami
3-in-1 Penthouse units in Miami Beach for sale
Bal Harbour Oceana PH for sale
Tyson Beckford’s Aventador
Super Car Rally in Miami
Exotics on Las Olas 2019
Swedish House Mafia
Steve Aoki
Kevin Little
Morgan Page
Malibu Rocky Oaks
House from The Hangover 3
+ more!


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  1. DanaRich getthar 4 months ago

    Where is the music list used in your videos? Would like to buy

  2. Brahim Boualem 4 months ago

    Hello ! 54:38 54:39 Adress homes und price ? SVP. Schweiz

  3. Josue Sánchez 4 months ago

    Music 59:28?

  4. Things To Own 4 months ago

    A vast majority of these celebrities were born, bred and raised in the slums, so what makes them the penultimate aesthetes? I'd want to buy homes designed by leading billionaires, scientists, engineers and policy minds, so complex, profound, intricate, subtle, sublime, incisive and transcendental, higher-order thought has gone into their conceptualization, envisioning and envisaging; pragmatism and comfort has then distilled these down to the finest of expressions; and finally exposure to some of the grandest estates with the most exquisite décor, which shaped the aesthetic palate of the designers, has been condensed into an eclectic and extraordinary stylistic manifestation in its décor. I won't buy homes designed by bimbos and comics or those whose early lives had been shaped by RVs or primitive third-world environs. LOL

  5. damysticalone87 4 months ago

    Far far far away from perfect.

  6. Ludmila Kotovski 4 months ago

    Fancy living on those still water inlets. Perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the diseases they carry!!

  7. Rolls Royce 4 months ago

    Absolutely amazing..👍🏼👍🏼

  8. John A 4 months ago

    Authotities and organized religions are pieces of filths. I wish them to be slaughtered.

  9. King Fitness22 4 months ago

    where was that one from at the 59 minute mark, i thought it was the great wall of china at first glance.

  10. Karina Dorantes 4 months ago

    Qué hermosas propiedades y mansiones, los autos deportivos son espectaculares!!! 🏡 🚘 🌞 💜 💖 💚 ❤ 💙.

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