Super Breakout – Arcade – Block Smashing Game (Atari 1978)

Before Minecraft, there was this block smashing game. The video game sequel to arcade blockbuster Breakout, which was a game produced by a couple of unknown game designers named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Famed Atari game designer Ed Logg cut his teeth on this classic game.

The smashing history of Breakout, at The Dot Eaters:

Video Game History 101

Watch Buck have a bad day in the arcade laserdisc game Badlands (Konami 1984)”



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  1. William Hunter 4 months ago

    I'm still active on YouTube, cranking out videos about retro video games. I have an classic arcade game playlist if anyone wants to watch:
    Or a general retro game playlist if anyone has a few hours to burn. Just play it in the background and take a peek now and then 😉

  2. john Quillan 4 months ago

    crappy player

  3. William Hunter 4 months ago

    Prison break movie staring the illustrious thespian Steven Seagal.

  4. Jeffrey Maxim 4 months ago

    What's Half Past Dead?

  5. William Hunter 4 months ago

    Still a better plot than Half Past Dead.

  6. Jeffrey Maxim 4 months ago

    Oh, and get this: that last comment was exactly 500 characters.

  7. Jeffrey Maxim 4 months ago

    Here's the plot: You are an inmate at a maximum security prison, and you are trying to break out your fellow inmate with your inmate friends. You have stolen an artillery gun, and it shoots…. Well, balls, since the Atari didn't have the graphics to process what our computer friends of today can (very, very fast, too.) Your objective is to break all the fences and finally, the walls of your fellow inmate's cell. Careful not to hit him, or else all that hard work willl be wasted and he will die.

  8. Desmaad 4 months ago

    Actually, the first game was Bushnell's idea. He gave the project to Jobs, who in turn gave it to Wozniak. Bushnell was so impressed with the result that he gave lobs a bonus, which he refused to split with Wozniak on the grounds that it was awarded to the former, not the latter. It's events like this that lead me to believe Jobs is a greedy, slimy, bastard.

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