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Episode #240

The funny thing about this game is that when I started playing it, I didn’t realize it was a port of the classic arcade game which was also ported to the Atari 2600/5200. I find it quite odd that they would feel the need to release this on the Game Boy Color 20 years after the original arcade release, not only because it’s a straight up port, but because the Game Boy Color’s D-Pad isn’t the best type of controller for this type of game. Also, there are far better Breakout-like games that would have been better to make instead. What about Game Boy Color version of Arkanoid or maybe something along the lines of an improved Alleyway. All in all, this game seems like a total waste on the Game Boy Color.

Super Breakout for the Game Boy Color was developed by Morning Star Multimedia and published by Majesco Games in 1998.

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  1. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    I don't know about the arcade version, but it's the same sound effects from the 2600 and 5200 versions.

  2. Progearspec 4 months ago

    Hmm i could have sworn in the arcade original it didn't gave that sound effect.Unless, it just for the gbc version.Still after awhile that sound effect would get on my nerves.

  3. electricadventures 4 months ago

    Yes they did didn't they – that is actually one of the only Zelda titles I have too 🙂 Come to think of it I have no normal console versions of Zelda anymore (did have Ocarina of Time for the N64 – but that got stolen). I haven't played it yet, so I have never played the original.

  4. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    To me, it's like if Nintendo were to take the a game like the original Legend of Zelda and ported it to the Game Boy Advance without changing anything and slapping $20 price on the cartridge… Oh wait, they actually did that.

  5. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    Those are the sound effects of the original game. This is just a port and they didn't update anything.

  6. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    It is one of the best trackball controllers I've seen for a home console.

  7. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    I realized that after I filmed the video. I actually show it off in a later video.

  8. dryerlint17 4 months ago

    2600 was fun, Gameboy version not so much m/

  9. electricadventures 4 months ago

    Yes once a system has an Arkanoid game, there seems little point going back to a plain Breakout/Super Breakout. Plus the controls don't help either.

  10. Corporal Van Formerly known as Cpl Coleco 4 months ago

    The 5200 trackball rules…!

  11. IntellivisionDude 4 months ago

    You forgot to show us what the controller looked like. 😉

  12. Evaldas256 4 months ago

    Yay, Crow! :3

  13. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    Heh… I filmed about 15 Croooow Plays video that day and I was pretty sick. I pretty much ignored it and after I was done, I was exhausted and passed out. So the next bunch of videos you see me wearing that red shirt, I was sick, but I don't think I actually sneezed in any of them. I know I had to blow my nose a couple of times though, lol.

  14. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    At the time it came out, it was a port of a 20 year old arcade game, but I think they needed to add something extra.

  15. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    I'm using the Hori controller for the Gamecube. The one that looks like a SNES controller.

  16. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    I kind of remember that happening in the other versions now that I think about it.

  17. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    I think they're tolerable, but only if the game is good.

  18. The Crow Continuum 4 months ago

    Heh… that's probably because I posted it way later than usual.

  19. lactobacillusprime 4 months ago

    Okay was ready for my ears to be blown by a sneeze, thank god you didn't! 🙂

  20. The Mega Man Cave 4 months ago

    This game looks pretty awful hahaha, you've got guts playing this.

  21. starblazers1969 4 months ago

    Hi Croooow,

    What controller were you using?

  22. GDRI / Videogames: Reflections of History 4 months ago

    Yes, the balls go through bricks and are different colors in other versions.

  23. Death Adder 4 months ago

    FIRST on a Crow video. My work here is done *retires from the internet*.

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