Super Breakout on Game Boy / My first computer

Gameplay and commentary from Super Breakout, being played (badly) on the Nintendo Game Boy handheld retro video games console.
Today’s question for Q&A id from ROCKFORD C64

‘FOR Q &A Hi Steve.What was the first home computer system you used and what was the fist you had.
All the best’

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  1. Choco Dom 4 months ago

    For Q & A. I originally found your YouTube channel through a book you were featured in, where you talked about the most disappointing game you ever bought. My question is have you been approached since then and asked to write either for an article or a book, or have you ever thought about putting pen to paper and writing your own gaming novel?(sorry that was actually two questions).

  2. James Newman 4 months ago

    I remember the ZX81. We had one in our computer room at school. Dear old machine really but i was far more attracted to the Vic with 16 colours and all the sounds it could make, let alone the "3k Super Expander" graphics cart it had as well . I ended up getting a second hand Vic20 in 1982 , for Christmas 🙂

  3. Jon Marston 4 months ago

    My first Breakout game was Arkanoid, which is definitely more fun. I just thought the power-ups were part of the standard Breakout experience. Were they introduced by Arkanoid?

  4. duhmez 4 months ago

    I had a c64 in grade 8. In grade 8, the first chapter of computer class we were learning LOGO. The teacher outlined what the assignments over the next weeks were going to be. I did all the assignments and final assignment and evberything in the first 1 hour class. I had already learned LOGO at home and it was the same on Apple 2 at school. The teacher was stunned when I walked up to the desk with all the assignments already finished. And I used efficient code. The teacher was only going to teach the easier but slopier code. The rest of the chapter on logo I would just walk around the class and help other students work through it.

  5. Mikey Courington 4 months ago

    The first computer I ever used was a Commodore 64. I eventually learned enough BASIC to change some of the public domain games around for my schoolmates and I thought I was a genius for doing so. ;p

    The first computer I ever owned however was a Commodore Vic-20; I traded my neighbor an extra copy I had of NES Dragon Warrior for the computer and five game cartridges. Best trade I ever did with electronics.

    Q&A – What was the first arcade game you remember playing, where was it located and how old were you when you first played it? What was your memory of the experience?

  6. electricadventures 4 months ago

    Breakout and Super Breakout even though they were brilliant at the time they came out, now suffer due to the later emergence of Arkanoid that took the basic concept and turned into a much more entertaining game. Sometimes games are a moment of their time.
    Very cool hearing about your first computer, most often the most nostalgic machine for us all, is the machine we got in the very first instance, even if it wasn't the most capable of platforms. The closest I got to a ZX80/81 was looking at one in a glass case in a store, or I think a single instance when a store had a ZX-81 one for customers to play with. I am lucky to have both now, and really like playing with them on occasion due to their simplicity.
    4Q&A: So we know what your first machine was, what was the next machine that you had at home, that you really got into (not necessarily the next one you actually had) i.e. was your main machine during your next period of gaming/computing.

  7. David A 4 months ago

    Not easy without paddle

  8. LastofAvari 4 months ago

    I can't see anything super about this Breakout, to be honest.
    The first computer I ever used was our family's ZX Spectrum clone, called Kvant (I have an oldish video about it). That happened around 1993 when I was about 6 y.o. The first computer, that I actually owned was an ordinary PC, but it only came some time in mid 2000s.

  9. Jo Li 4 months ago

    I'd really like to help you with your question quandary, but… I can't think of anything. So!
    For Q&A: I can imagine a humble gent like yourself needs a prompt before talking about yourself, at-length, so… are there any questions that you're chomping at the bit for someone to ask, but no one has, yet?

  10. Simone J Stogrin 4 months ago

    My first computer was a Speccy 48k rubber key. I loved it and still have it. I think it still works but I no longer have a tape deck for it.

  11. JimPlaysGames 4 months ago

    Mine was a Spectrum. One of the little ones with the squishy keys. I loved that thing and I cried when it finally died. My main memory of it was learning to code rather than any games I played. Never made anything very interesting, but that's what started my fascinating with programming.

  12. RECORDthenRETURN 4 months ago

    The first computer I have strong memories of using was the Sirius 1, which was really a business computer. The first computer I owned (shared) was the Acorn Electron.

    For Q&A: What are your memories of buying games for the 8-bit computers in the 1980s, like the Electron, in shops or mail order? Do you recall being really excited to buy a particular game?

  13. Wesley Flavell 4 months ago

    Great video Steve,
    My fist computer was a ZX81
    I had it for 2 years, even though it was basic I really liked it apart from the ram pack wobble.

  14. Sean Woolfenden 4 months ago

    Mine was a 2600 Jr from Toy & Hobby toy shop in Oldham if anybody remembers them! I remember it like yesterday as they were closing them down selling them off for £9.99 and games were £2 ! We got a load of games too Centipede and Jr Pacman being the highlights. As for a pc it wasnt until 1998 i got a packard bell celeron 366 mhz, 4gb hard drive, 64mb rem windows 98

  15. Johnny Alpha 4 months ago

    I saved my £1 pocket money and sometimes £1 wages for a day's work at the market on my Dad's market garden stall each week for 2 years! I planned to get a Spectrum On the day we went to Curry's to buy it, my Dad offered to put the extra towards a Beeb! I agreed with some buyer's remorse at the time! I'm so glad I did agree, the thing is up in the atic and still works to this day! My Dad gave it a try the other day! I doubt a Speccy would have lasted that long!

  16. Robert Berry 4 months ago

    I remember my Grandfather and I building my first ZX81 from a kit in his shed and I also remember having to use a Ferguson Music Centre to load a tape into it. I still love it that little black slab of a machine, though he then insisted a while later that we got a Jupiter Ace as he wanted me to learn reverse Polish notation maths using Forth, which did stand me in good stead career wise, bless him. Loved that white funky slab of a machine too, even if it's keyboard was almost worse than the ZX81. As you get a ZX80 and ZX81 emulated machine within the ZX Spectrum Next distro, I've been playing some of those old games again and I must confess for having a moment remembering my Grandad when I played those so many years ago. Anyway, keep up the quality videos.

  17. Andy Hewitt 4 months ago

    Same here, first computer I used for a few hours was a neighbours ZX81. Second was an unknown computer on a trolley at Junior School -was not a BBC but everyone in the class used it once and we never saw it again for the remainder of the year. From there I went Vic 20 as my first computer although was very nearly some early acorn model and I have no idea which one. Possibly a electron but it could have been a year before that … don’t remember now.

    Thanks again for keeping us entertained.

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