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The Letter M Song – Learn the Alphabet

Do you know all your ABCs? What comes next in the alphabet? It’s… the Letter M! Time to learn the Letter M, with Jacinta from Bounce Patrol! Can you make the M sound?

Marty Moose’s channel:

This kids series will help children and ESL/EFL students learn the English alphabet.

This video is a part of an alphabet series by Bounce Patrol, featuring each letter of the alphabet with the same tune so you can learn to sing along and make the letter sounds with us. You can watch the other letters here:

Letter A song:
Letter B song:
Letter C song:
Letter D song:
Letter E song:
Letter F song:
Letter G song:
Letter H song:
Letter I song:
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Letter K song:
Letter L song:

Bounce Patrol make videos for kids – from toddlers and preschool, through to kindergarten and elementary school age.

To watch more Bounce Patrol videos, check out our channel:


Song written by Andrew Ferris. Check out his fun music channel:

Thanks for watching!


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