Top 20 Defining Video Game Moments of the Century So Far

Like a fine wine, these iconic gaming moments only get better with age. For this list, we’re looking at events in games from the Year 2000 to the present that left our collective jaws on the floor. Our countdown includes Sora’s Sacrifice, First Colossus Encounter, John Marston’s Last Stand, The Marshmello Event, and more! Did YOUR favorite moment make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 4 months ago

    Which major video game moment was the most memorable to you?

  2. Michael Garrett 4 months ago

    Uncharted train sequence was dope….but the falling out of a plane over a desert in the 3rd one is sooo amazing

  3. Mateo Trigo 4 months ago

    I was kind of expecting to se Noble Six’s last stand too

  4. Rodas Rollins 4 months ago

    I thought Soap’s death is the most heartbreaking.

  5. Andy Li 4 months ago

    What about choosing 1 of 3 pokemon starter?

  6. Thomas Schafer 4 months ago

    I played through 5 of these…not bad

  7. sfx 3000 4 months ago

    What about fatal frame or siren?

  8. Stefan Tsarev 4 months ago

    The liquid tiberium explosion in Tiberium Wars.

  9. Mr Rationality 4 months ago

    Well mgs 3 is my favorite game of all time and when snakes starts to say how the boss wasn’t a traitor if not a patriot and had to do it to save the country she loves well.. I felt a knot in my throat, didn’t cried but it was a close one just like in the last of us with Sarah.

  10. Paul Brisson 4 months ago

    What about the fate of Noble Team at the end of Halo Reach…..

  11. CommodoreMudkip 4 months ago

    It's hard to argue against most of these franchises being so important but I would argue against certain moments being taken from a specific franchise.
    For instance the bomb sequence in halo 2 is easily the most iconic moment in the franchise's history and No Russian was the most impactful moment in Call of Duty, the recent remaster brought it's controversy back 11 years later.
    Also Would You Kindly should be #1. It changed what people thought was possible regarding story telling in video games as a genre. It was arguably the first example of traditional art in the video game industry.

  12. Hlavatej 13 4 months ago


  13. Olympic airways 4 months ago

    Your most defining moment was from call of duty… That is ridiculous.

  14. Thomas GLover 4 months ago

    Why you sound like you're reading in a REALLY ANGRY tone!? Weird stop shouting at me

  15. Dom A 4 months ago

    smh the modern warfare 2 ending should’ve been on here

  16. Sonic Jackson 4 months ago

    Instead of the MGS 3 one, I'd take the MGS 4 part where Solid Snake and Liquid Ocelot were fighting on top of Outer Heaven. How the music was changing during different phases of the fight was amazing and sad

  17. thekillers1stfan 4 months ago

    Unpopular Opinions:
    Mass Effect 1 and 3 both had better finales than 2
    The most impactful moment in Kingdom Hearts was the conclusion of Roxas' story at the beginning of KH2
    Putting the bathtub as the moment from Witcher 3 is insulting (the real moment either should have been Gaunter O'Dimm finalizing the deal with Olgierd or the talk with the Baron after he burned down the barn)
    For Soulsborne it should've been the moment Gehrman stands up and pulls out the scythe
    The final battle in New Vegas trumps everything in Fallout 3 combined and it's still not even as good as the mission to assassinate the president or repairing the powerplant

  18. thunderaoi 4 months ago

    I expected at east a position to Vaas: Did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?

  19. Anthony Breznican 4 months ago

    "In memory of A PATRIOT who saved the world."

    Only real ones will know.

  20. Noctis Onyx 4 months ago

    How is tipping the iceberg on clubpenguin not on here? The disrespect!

  21. Taylor Ramirez 4 months ago

    I would like to add one of my personal favorites, Ace combat 0 when Belka nukes themselves 7 times out of desperation

  22. Brad Sully 4 months ago

    Hey do you racists think you could get a person of color to narrate these videos??? Racist nazis.

  23. Jason Moorefield 4 months ago

    Dude sounds like a depressed modest pelican

  24. Edward Alex Smith 4 months ago

    I guess Sephiroth never killed Aerith….

  25. Vincent Alonso 4 months ago

    My top 1 is and will always be Ezio meeting Altaïr and desmond

  26. GamingPro1003 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who just doesn’t have a huge amount of love for Modern Warafare and also didn’t really feel the impact of the nuke? Like, I get why everything was a big deal with that game, but it still just didn’t hit me. I personally would’ve replaced the Nuke on here with either No Russian, Nacht Der Untoten loading up after completing the WaW Campaign, or the Reznov twist, and I wouldn’t have it at #1 probably at like #10. This list other than the Nuke and Fortnite was honestly pretty good.

  27. S J 4 months ago

    I still haven't recovered from the loss of The Boss.

  28. Dosh Destroyer 4 months ago

    Idk why I keep watching watchmojo their lists always suck

  29. TheMahiro55 4 months ago

    Where is Kotor reveal that you are in fact Revan????????

  30. TobiasBoon 4 months ago

    It's TEEDUS!

  31. Nicholas Gardiner 4 months ago

    Wish gears of war made the list.

  32. Daniel Haire 4 months ago

    ME2 Suicide Mission should be # 1.

  33. gary robinson 4 months ago

    Just watched to find out where “would you kindly” landed, thought it was going to fall under honourable mentions for a second there.

  34. TheRoad BestTravelled 4 months ago

    How is Arthur’s last ride not on this list?

  35. marco mcdowell 4 months ago

    The sheer boldness of one Mr. Leroy Jenkins.

  36. julius oropel 4 months ago

    I knew It no# 1 should’ve be a COD series.

  37. 仁今村 4 months ago

    I got the chills seeing The Boss scene again.

  38. Greg Garcia 4 months ago

    No Zelda moments? Just wrong!

  39. Sba182 4 months ago

    God of war is an honorable mention?!?!

  40. Scott Arthur Jr. 4 months ago

    What? No Revan?

  41. Gary MacDonald 4 months ago

    Mgs3 and uncharted 2 should be higher

  42. halo ninjas 4 months ago

    Shepard tying up loose ends

  43. Uncompromising Gamer 4 months ago

    For me, Link pulling out the master sword in Twilight Princess. It's disappointing that you didn't add any Zelda moment here.

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