WWE 2K19 Clash of Champions – Sonya Deville v Mandy Rose – US Women's Championship – No Hold Barred

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Welcome to my new #WWE2k19 Web Series!

Next up we have a No Hold Barred Match between former friends and tag team, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. It was just two weeks ago where Mandy Rose defeated IO Shirai for the U.S Women’s Championship and during her celebration, Sonya Deville attacks Mandy Rose from behind. The Go Home Episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw Sonya Deville unleash a brutal beatdown on Mandy Rose with a steel chair. Who will walk out Clash of Champions as the U.S Women’s Champion?

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Welcome to my youtube channel, my name is Jeff. I have been thinking about making a youtube channel for a while and I finally did it. I have been a big fan of the WWE and their games for as long as I can remember. We as fan have seen where the women in the WWE have come from and see the progress from those 2 minutes matches to what they are now is amazing! We have those moments where we question the creatives of WWE and how they are coming up with story lines that sometimes do not make sense at all and now it’s time I take the creative seat in WWE and give us the fans the storylines we deserve!

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  1. Meow Meow 4 months ago

    I love Sonya Deville's attire

  2. Cautiou5 4 months ago

    Hmmm mandy Rose now that is a great lookin woman haha! Yet great result in the retain thought sonya had her when submission was locked in

  3. JJ King 4 months ago

    or Mandy eva

  4. JJ King 4 months ago

    Have Eva Marie and Mandy rose teams the team name will be gold n red

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