Xbox 360 Gameroom Super Breakout Gold Medals

I am uploading a bunch of Gameroom vids onto Youtube simply because I was wishing there were some… The idea behind these videos is to show what a person that is thinking about purchasing the game for their arcade would need to be able to do to earn the gold medals. I was forced to buy sight unseen and only after a purchase; able to see the medal requirements. These vids are of my medal runs 🙂 Hopefully, you will be able to gauge whether you’ll be able to do it as well and be happier with your purchases 🙂

Heres three vids in one. The first one is how to get to the Point Buster Limit of 200pts. At the start of your match, hit B to change to Progressive Mode. Its easier to score in this mode than any other. It took me many a game to get this done Good Luck! The second vid shows you the first minute of how to get the Survivalist Medal. Before you launch your first ball, rock your controller left and right for the 4 minutes. Then launch and even if you lose, you will have the Gold Medal done. Lastly, I just showed you my best run of Standard (Cavity) mode. If you have two balls in play, the score is doubled; three, tripled. Triple score is the only way I can see to get the Point Buster done on this mode. There are 3 medals total for this cabinet!


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