Zoo Tycoon 2 – African Adventure: The Secretary Bird Walkthrough PC

Zoo Tycoon 2 – African Adventure: The Secretary Bird Walkthrough Gameplay PC

Location: West Africa
Biome: Scrub
Map Size: Medium
Difficulty: Normal
Cash: $50,000

“Can you capture the behaviors of this long-legged predator on film? Complete all of the scenarios in this campaign to unlock desert-themed buildings and objects.”

“The Secretary Bird is a common sight in the savannahs and grasslands of Africa. Although these long-legged predators can fly, Secretary Birds spend most of their time on foot, striding over the landscape in search of lizards, insects, and rodents to feed on.
The Raptor Protection Society helps protect birds of prey throughout the world. The society has donated a Secretary Bird to your zoo, which you will find crated near the entrance to your zoo. In exchange for the donation, the society wants you to take a series of Secretary Bird photos for the annual fundraising calendar.”

Zoo Tycoon 2 carries the same game-play as Blue Fang Games’ original video game Zoo Tycoon, which is to create and operate a zoo by creating exhibits and aquariums, keeping guests and animals happy, and maintaining employees, finances, terrain, and scenery. The goal is in the game’s title, which is to become a “zoo tycoon”. Originally released for Windows, Zoo Tycoon 2 is also available for Windows Mobile, PDA, Nintendo DS and Mac OS X, although expansions are not included in the Mac version.


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